My Florida

Florida Prairies
 This is one of Florida's prairies. Florida actually has several prairies that are located in the central portion of our state. They run from the north to the south and then west. In this particular prairie a river, the St. Johns river, flows to the north.

St. Johns River
It's a beautiful river to float down on a lazy day. And maybe fish a little, and it flows North.

The Indian River
A beautiful Intracoastal river view. It was originally named Rio de Ais after the Ais Indian tribe, who lived along the east coast of Florida. Where I live was originally named Sand Point.


CCC said...

Wonderful. I know so little about Florida. All I hear is alligators and hurricanes. Do you ever see any cattle when you drive by? The grass look so lush.

Nonna Beach said...

Hi Ames !

Nice to know you live in my neck of the woods. Florida was a way off place I didn't know anything about growing up but when we chose to live here, it was one of the best things we ever did. Our Florida is a very interesting and diverse would be perfect if it had NO humidity and mountain ranges !

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We love to visit the prairies, too! Such a great place to bird watch! ♥