Friday, November 8, 2013

Alphabe~Thursday the Letter Y

Welcome to Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe~Thursday.
This week is about the letter ”Y”.


Y is for Yucca.

I have been thinking about planting one in my back yard but I think they are kind of ugly.

As a child, our neighbor covered each point with a broken egg shell.

Why? I couldn’t say, but I think it was a tacky thing to do.

I certainly don’t find them attractive, but because of their deterring, sharp, pointy stay away qualities, I may have a use for one.

 I am trying to deter unknown visitors from cutting through my backyard. It isn’t fenced and you can’t imagine the skipped heart beats I‘ve experience from looking out into my backyard and seeing a stranger walking through it. Apparently some think it is a short cut?

I am just looking to make a point.

Ha! Get it? Point?

Well that is my big contribution to Alphabe~Thursday. See you next time!


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