Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Centus 180

Hi all,

This week on Saturday Centus Jenny has given us a word, HOPE, and it is to be conveyed into a story using 100 words, without actually using the word HOPE. We can use as many pictures as we want. Here is my attempt.

From it many things come, where would we be without it?

We need it…….

To survive.  To be wanted. To be loved. To be cured.

That feeling of what is wanted can be had, or the events will turn out for the best.


Great things can be attained with it! It surprisingly encourages us!


When the world says give up…it says try it one more time.

When we need forgiveness and look for a brighter future, we hang on to it.

Be the one who inspires it!


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Jo said...

Ames, that was beautiful ... i am inspired by your words...

Adam Everhard said...

A beautiful post. I'm a believer in forgiveness myself, as to carry a grudge eats at one's soul.
Paula Deen's a bit of a tough call for me, being someone who reviles bigotry in all its forms. It's not that I go around with festering hate for her eating at my heart (in fact, I generally don't think about her at all) but it's difficult for me to say "yeah, I'm cool with Paula."

Tracy Cook said...

oops I did not read the instructions I have used the word My bad
Your post is great thank you

lissa said...

very postitive SC. now if only people are nice to other people than we are would have hope.

have a great day.

Viki said...

lovely,those little feet just get to me.Good job.

A. Robinson-Neal said...

Ames, that was absolutely beautiful, and gave such an overview of the concept of hope. Thank you for sharing!!!

Ames said...

Thanks all! It feels good to get in on a Saturday Centus!