Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Centus Week167 ~ My Flag

My Flag

Though stretched at the seams and ragged, 

she proudly waves in the wind and screams I am

still here.

Many threads are woven together to form this flag.

She is a symbol of unity, bravery and freedom.

She rises out of the ashes of oppression to form 

hope and peace.

Respect her.

Support her.

Protect her.

Help mend her then give allegiance to her.

Be a thread or leave.


Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Independence Day!

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Annesphamily said...

Amen Ames! I agree with you one hundred percent. In fact I am going to hang out my flag today! I try to remember and my weekday mornings are crazy! We may get hail later but I think I will hang her out for a few minutes. Thanks for this share Hugs Anne

Ames said...

Thanks Anne. Happy Independence Day to you and your family! ~Ames

Bookie said...


Dreaming said...

Well said!
I'm a thread!

Anonymous said...

I find beauty in old, tattered flags like this one.

Tracy Cook said...

I am not American but I wish there was more respect for our Union Jack

Ames said...

I agree with you Tracy. Same here too!~Ames

Jenny said...

I love that!

Be a thread or leave!

I'm definitely a thread!

Anonymous said...

This was wonderful. I think that it gets straight to the point and just packs that punch. The American Flag is a true beauty.

from Jazzy smith at Split Site PhD