Saturday, June 8, 2013

Be careful what you go looking for.

Hi all, I'm back to take another stab at Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.

The idea is to write a story using the prompt "I release all fears and doubts" and you can only use 106 words including the six words in the prompt!

I came up with this idea from a dream I had last night. I guess we still have fears and doubts in our unconscious states too.

Be careful what you go looking for!~Ames


I was holding my friend’s hand. “It won’t hurt much.”  I said. “It will be over quickly.”

The wailing of the world was piercing!

It came closer, holding the death tube in its three digits.

The elderly are of no use to them.

We were wrong to make contact with them.

I jolted awake; clutching my covers tight, I realized it was just a nightmare.

Holding my breath I began to exhale slowly chanting I release all fears and doubts.

Then the room filled with light so bright it hurt to look at it.

My dogs were having seizures.

The wailing was piercing.

I screamed. 



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Donetta Sifford said...

As someone who still has nightmares at 36, this gave me shivers. Good writing.

Tracy Cook said...

Brilliant writing
My dreams are so real at times

Bookie said...

This gave me pause, Ames. It is startlingly real. Glad to see you on Centus again. I hope I can do this good prompt too...I have been lame lately. Have a good Sunday and sleep tight!

Jo said...

okay my friend, you gave me chills with that one ... so glad to see you doing the centus again ... wonderful entry!

JJ said...

Even at my age, I still have nightmares. I am always fighting battles. They are so real.

Jenny said...

Yowser, Miss Ames.

Maybe you should have a shot of tequila before you go to bed.

Or two!

This was wonderful.

It kinda/sorta made shivers go up my spine!

Viki said...

Good centus. I hate nightmares. Thank goodness I don't have them often.

Rick Watson said...

I just started following. Nothing like a good nightmare to get the old heart pumping :)

Ames said...

Thanks everyone! And a big welcome to my newest follower....Rick Watson!~Ames

Annesphamily said...

Good writing here! Always nice to stop by for a visit. Have a good weekend Ames!