Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alphabe~Thursday The Letter "E"

Alphabe~Thursday again?

I must have missed a few.

This week it’s all about the letter “E”




E Cigarettes

E Cards

Who knew it could be so ….Electronically versatile!
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Thanks for stopping by. ~Ames


fredamans said...

I choose Amazon over Ebay anyday... heard too many horror stories from friends.

Esther Joy said...

Great "E" post! I agree with the comment above, and am an Amazon girl!

Sue said...

I've had good luck on Ebay. But I love Amazon too, especially Amazon prime!


Jo said...

that was a funny post ... some very interesting e's!!!
and who knew smoking was so electrifying!!!!

Tracy Cook said...

Fab post thank you

lissa said...

all of it definitely but not the e cigarettes.

great alphabe-thursday post. have a sweet day.

JJ said...

E-gads! They have E-Cigarettes?

Ames said...

JJ: I just heard about "E" cigarettes last year. My older sister bought one for my little sister and she has quit smoking. So it is a good thing, these "E" cigarettes.

Splendid Little Stars said...

fun post!

Sandra Tyler said...

e cigarettes strike me as very funny as they don't look like real cigarettes at all. Thanks for stopping by my own e and leaving such a heartfelt comment -- my own mother isn't gone yet but I'm already missing her.

Annesphamily said...

Fun stopping by here. I like ebay and sold lots of Princess House there last year to send Nick home for the holidays! I am not a smoker these days, I was as a young woman and just for a few years, can't afford it! But my son-in-law as one of those fancy electric cigarettes!

Ames said...

Anne, My sister told me cigarettes are $10 a pack in AZ. Can you believe it?!?

Jenny said...

Exciting post!

I enjoy everything here but the electronic cigarette... And that is only because I have never explored the world of nicotine.

It seems like that would be a good alternative for a smoker though...

Excellent job.

Thanks for linking to the letter "E"!