Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Being Demoted

I find as I am forced to slow down there are many things in life I never took the time to observe and enjoy.

Over the holidays my normal mode of function is planning and executing .

Planning: Making lists of what to cook for the dinner, what to buy, what to cook first and last etc.

Executing: Prepping, cooking, cleaning, setting up for the big feast etc.

But once you have been demoted from chief cook and bottle washer, to a guest, it is then that you realize there are many things you never had the time to notice before.


Your older grandchildren organizing the Easter volleyball game.

Your younger grandchildren speculating the Easter egg hunt and where the best location is around the yard to look for that coveted "Golden egg."

Your daughter, who never wanted to learn how to cook when she lived at home, actually hums when she is busy in the kitchen.

Your dogs sitting on the outskirts of the kitchen watching your daughter move about like one watching a tennis match, but patiently waiting for the stray morsel to get flicked on the floor.

And your husband engaged in an actual conversation that is more than a "a huh" or "ok". Who knew he was so engaging?


Being demoted to a guest.

I shall enjoy being one more often.


Pondside said...

Hmmmm - sounds like it's more of a promotion! I can't wait for the day....

Jo said...

best demotion ever!!! I hope you get plenty of opportunities to enjoy your demotion :)

Bookie said...

Sounds like you enjoyed the day...good for you!!!

JJ said...

Ms. Ames: If you ever wander over to St. Augustine, please be our guests. Don't worry. I'll keep your husband engaged in exciting conversation - or we can go fishing.

Jenny said...

It feels hard to be a guest sometimes, doesn't it?

Kind of like our purpose is gone.

But once we realize we're still loved being a guest is really swell!

Hope you're doing well Miss Ames!

Thinking of you!