Monday, October 1, 2012

**Warning** It Isn't Pretty

Hi everyone I am back.

I had surgery on my hand last month. What was supposed to be a 30 minute procedure ended up taking 4 hours.

The doctor said I had wierd anatomy.


He said he couldn't find my thumb nerve and had to cut way over to the little finger side of my hand.

I always knew I was ....different. :)

The one thing I asked for right away was to Please, Pulease wash my hand. Even though it was bandaged up like a golf club cover, I had the heebie jeebies thinking my hand smelled because I couldn't wash it.

Yes I am a hand washing freak! They spread a lot of germs around. Yuck!

The doctor actually smelled my hand.


He said it didn't smell.

But he washed it before he removed half of the stitches.


That felt so good!

But do you know what made all this totally worth the hassle?

I can feel with my thumb and index finger again!

No more dropping glasses and everything else I tried to hold onto.

No more typing with my ..uh...middle digit and the uncoordinated finger next to it.

I feel whole again.

This whole process took so long because two Neurosurgeons and two Orthopedic surgeons could not decide if it was my neck or my hand. I finally just chose the Orthpedic surgeon and I think I chose wisely!

I will try to start visiting more blogs and try to get back up to speed.

**Warning**Warning **Warning**

If you have a weak stomach you may not want to look. But thanks for stopping by and thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.


Bookie said...

Oh golly, Ames, that looks rough! So glad you feel you made right choice and that things are improving...makes the pain worthwhile. Glad it was positive for you!!!

Jo said...

O M G ... i kinda wish i had stopped at the warning signs .... weird anatomy??? i think we are all weird in our ways ... I am glad you feel good about your choice and that you are on the mend ... just focus on the whole healing and recouperative process ... sending you some healing thoughts and meditations ... and hugs!!!

shannon i olson said...

good hope your all better soon! wow isn't it funny how we can seem to break the odds in everything but picking lottery tickets? I have been the odd Dr case myself! Glad your on the mend!

upinthecosmos said...

Wow looks like it was, or still may be, painful! Glad it worked out for you though and you can use the fingers again! You never know how much you miss those babies until they are unuseable! Hope you heal quickly:-)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

OUCH!! Hope you are doing better!!
big hugs, Linda

Sue McPeak said...

Holy Stitches...Batwoman!!! Now you'll get to say, "I'm All Thumbs"!!! I know you are glad it's over and the OrthoDoc got it taken care of...kinda scary thinking about the Neuro guys looking for your Thumb Nerve in your Neck. Talk about weird anatomy.

Della said...

Wow what a doozy of a surgery! So glad you will have more use of your hand after all that, and will be typing with ease soon. Hope those stitches are out soon!

Pondside said...

I'm so glad that you have feeling in your hand again - but what a piece of surgery that must have been!

Gail said...

Speedy recovery!

I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands at once. I don't consider myself squeamish but I almost fainted when I unbandaged my hands.

Funny how I can handle all kinds of injuries on animals and never flinch but human injuries just make me weak.

I am glad you found a good doctor.

pchickki said...

my gosh, that surgeon really did a number on your hand. Hopefully it fixed the problem.
I have had carpal tunnel for years but have learned to live with it. It worse sometimes than others so I feel your pain, or should I say your numbness, it is very hard to deal with having no feeling in your hand. I wish you a full and successful recovery.

Viki said...

Looks nasty, lol. Glad you can feel again.

Nonna Beach said...

Dear Ames I am so happy your surgery was successful and you are able to feel again !!!

Heal well my friend !


Annesphamily said...

Ouch! Ames you are a brave girl! I am just happy it was a success! Awesome doctor that saved the day for you!

Heal quickly and keep in touch when you can!

Hugs Anne