Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall and Family
We took a much needed vacation and drove to Kentucky, birthplace of my ancestors.
There was beauty everywhere!
Starting in Tennessee, the colors were just starting to come out.
Once in Kentucky we were in Fall wonderland.
We stopped in Kentucky and ate lunch at The Back Porch BBQ next door to this charming little church.
In case you were wondering…I ordered the fried bologna sandwich with a run through the garden. Have you ever seen a slice of Bologna that thick? I call it comfort food.
I’m drawn to the red leaves.
Or maybe the yellow leaves…..
I think I like the orange the best.
Orange screams Fall!

Through the rolling hills….
and down the road and into my past.
I feel melancholy.
More later.
Thanks for stopping by! ~ Ames


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Wow! You got some fabulous photos my friend! The orange tree really pops against that white fence!And aren't the trunks of those trees dark? They are beautiful! Love that pretty church and that 'balonie' sandwich! YUM YUM! I'm glad you got to go. I hope I can go back to my home Arkansas! Sweet hugs!

Bookie said...

Never saw such a hunk of bologna before!!! Hey, we just got home from Kentucky too! What part did you do? We came in at southwest bottom and worked way up through middle to Florence across river from Ohio...then came through Indiana which was a little prettier than Kentucky for color. Glad you had a good time!

Jo said...

oh my .... i love the colours of those trees!!! How beautiful this world can be!!! and that sandwich ... wow! that is one thick slice!

Jim said...

Kentucky is pretty, Ames. We haven't been all over it but have been all the way from West to East total from several visits. My BIL lives near Jackson, TN, and his FIL until he died lived in KY.

You have some really pretty pictures to bolster you memories. I think that I like your orange finds the best too.

Fried Balogna? We used to eat a lot of that as we bought it in long pieces cut from still longer rolls. Balongna is pretty much a very large hot dog. We also ground it up with pickles, added mayo, possibly egg, dressings, etc, for bologna salad sandwiches.

We were poor so it was a very nice treat however we ate it. I liked it fried in with hash browns.

Riet said...

Oh those fall leaves are stunning. Beautiful colors. You must have had a wonderful trip looking at awing at the pictures.

Sue said...

Ahhhh. So, so lovely.


Pondside said...

Are people from Kentucky related to people from Cape Breton Island? That's the only other place I've seen baloney cut that thick and fried. Also, we are pretty tied to the land and get awfully emotional on any return home.

JJ said...

Absolutely beautiful country. I'm glad you got back before Sandy.

Anonymous said...

The last time I had a fried bologna sandwich I was probably ten years old! We were at a little bb-q stand in southeastern Missouri, and I remember dripping sauce on my shirt but loving every bite.
Thanks for the memory nudge!

Annesphamily said...

My five nephews, the Ricklefs boys still all live in Kentucky! My late sis Pat loved her adopted state! She had a beautiful home in Radcliff, near Louisville!
Love all the photos!

My mom use to fix us fried bologna and eggs! LOL! I still love it but don't get it too often!

Great sots! Fun post!