Friday, August 31, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "O" is for Ocala, Florida

Hi all! This week’s Alphabe~Thursday is dedicated to two lovely Florida bloggers, Diane (Lavender Dreams) and Della (Del’s Shells), both live in Ocala.

Where is Ocala?

See the green arrow? 

I have some fond memories of Ocala.
I bought my first Stetson hat in Ocala.

And I learned to dance the two- step. Oh what fun that was!

(Of course that was before Mr. Ames)

Ocala is the Horse Capital of the World.

It has some of the most beautiful countryside around. Lush green rolling hills dotted with horse farms.

Yep thars money in them thar hills!
You might even see a lot of Red when you are driving down Interstate 75.
That’s because Ocala is home to Emergency One.
I had the privilege of touring the Emergency One Headquarters in Ocala many years ago.
E-One is a manufacturer of Fire Rescue vehicles and Apparatus. It was an interesting tour. But… being the female that I am, I was fascinated by the furniture in their lobby! It was made out of highly polished Aluminum diamond plate made by a fabricator working at that plant. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. Sorry, no pictures to share, it was back in the 80’s and I didn’t even own a camera back then. But oh what a thing of beauty!
Photo credit: Bruce Mozert
Speaking of beauty… Silver Springs is a must see place.

Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Calvin Coolidge, and Harriet Beecher Stowe have visited the Silver River.
Many movies have been filmed there; Tarzan, Sea Hunt TV series, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Yearling (written by one of my favorite Florida authors, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings) James Bond, Six Million Dollar Man, and Smokey and the Bandit 3 just to name a few.
The water is crystal clear until it meets the Ocklawaha River*. Then you will see an amazing thing. A perfect demarcation where the tannin stained waters of the Ocklawaha River meet the crystal clear waters of the Silver River. It’s like night and day with no dusk or dawn. You just have to see it for yourself.
You will also see many wild Rhesus monkeys and some of the largest alligators I’ve ever seen.
*The Ocklawaha River is the principal tributary of the St. Johns River. The St. Johns is included alongside the few rivers that flow north in the United States, such as Yellowstone and the Red river.
Gosh there’s so much more to cover so I will just leave you with this link to enjoy:
See you next week for the letter “P”.
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Della said...

Great post Ames! You covered the best of Ocala :) It really is such a nice place to live. Did you ever get a chance to go to Six Gun Territory when it was open? I loved that place as a kid! I haven't ever toured E1...that would be cool.

Danielle said...

Great job on Ocala! I live down the road a piece from this great 'city' and commute there to teach at College of Central Florida. There is always something to do fact...the Art Walk in downtown Ocala is coming up on the First Friday...hope to see you there.

Judie said...

Ames, I love Ocala, and especially Silver Springs. I have some great photos that I took there. Hope you're feeling better!


AmyBird said...

Great 'O' post :) Thanks for sharing :D Now I have learnt a bit about a new place :D

Nonna Beach said...

I love this post Ames ! One of the many places in Florida we're hankerin' to visit when my Hubs retires next year !!!

storybeader said...

that is beautiful countryside in Ocala. I would think they have horse racing or something around there, with all those horses and money! Thanks for the tour! {:-Deb

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am SO excited to see this post, girlfriend! I was hoping you would feature Ocala and give us some facts and fun trivia...and you never disappoint! I've lived here for 7 I'm a 'newcomer' but I LOVE it! We have everything we need right here in our little city and we are surrounded by beauty! Enjoy the holiday weekend my friend! Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I remember going on a vacation to Silver Springs when I was a kid, and riding in the glass bottomed boats! Beautiful place.

Sue said...

Ocala's a new one on me. I love horses, so I would probably enjoy visiting there...


Sandy said...

6 years ago when I first moved down to
Florida, Clearwater, I did some searching
for a Hobby Lobby and it was up in
Ocala... drove up there and found it was indeed a pretty

anitamombanita said...

Ocala sounds like a pretty cool place. Thanks for you your continuing tour. I may actually find a reason to give Florida another try some day, thanks to you!! :)

Jenny said...

My parents and sister lived in Ocala for a few years.

The horse country was so lovely there. I would have liked to see the mermaids, too!

Thanks for another outstanding place to visit for the letter 'O'.

You are cOOl!


brown clark said...

I love Ocala very much and especially Silver Springs. I had great experience in Ocala, we went there for vacation and had a very pleasant experience in Ocala . People were friendly and ocala scenic beauty was stunning. I love your post and your pictures are beautiful. You had a amazing trip there in Ocala. Ocala is very good and cool place for vacations.
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