Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "J" is for Jupiter, Florida

Jumpin’ Jupiter folks, this time we are actually going south again to Jupiter, Florida. See it located on the map? Its located across from the beautiful aqua waters surrounding Great Abaco Island.
What a pretty place Jupiter is. Just look at some of these beautiful pictures I have found on the internet. Makes me want to rush out and buy another boat.

Jupiter Inlet
Jupiter Lighthouse
The Jupiter Lighthouse was built in the 1800’s.
Quite a few famous people have lived in Jupiter, Florida.

Burt Reynolds
His second wife was Loni Anderson. I always thought they made a cute couple.
Michael Jordan
Celine Dion
Charles Nelson Reilley
Remember him from Match Game 74? I really liked him. My husband and I still enjoy watching the old game shows on The Game Show Network. They were entertaining and they just don’t make them like they used to. Does anyone remember watching Match Game? How about, What’s my Line, Hollywood Squares, Password (my favorite) and $100,000 Pyramid?

If you like to fly home on your own airplane then Tailwinds Airpark is for you. At a pretty price.
Perhaps you are an equestrian lover. You can buy a 20-50 acre home and lot at Ranch Colony for a cool $575,000 and up.
This little gem is a cool million.
Well that’s all I am going to show you about Jupiter, Florida. I didn't want to ramble on and on. Just the same...all I can afford to do is drive through and be a lookie-Lou, or as we call them down here…a rubber necker.
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Centus #116- A Two-Fer

Hey all, long time no see. I haven't had much time to join in lately but figured I could pull this prompt off.  The prompt is in blue.

Gram? Every year you make us our birthday cake. Any flavor we want you say. But you never have a birthday party or a cake. How come?

I’m too old.


Oh my goodness!
Did your mom help?
What’s in it?
What flavor is it?
It’s Birthday party flavor.
I didn’t want you to die without having both.
No candles ok? The fire department might come.
The fire department?
Yep. Mom sez I’m libull to burn the house down with all your candles.
Where is your mom?
Next door borrowing a video camera.
 She’s going to put your birthday on YouTube!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "I" is for Inverness, Florida

Inverness, located on the West coast of Florida, was originally named Tompkinsville. A man known as uncle Alf, (I kid you not) A.D. Tompkins, started the settlement, a Post Office and a Saw Mill there. He gave his brother-in-law some land and the brother-in-law opened up a store. His brother-in-law then helped to lay out the town and named it Tompkinsville after uncle Alf. Several years later the town was sold to a firm in Jacksonville and they changed the name to Inverness.

Ever hear of a movie titled Follow that Dream starring Elvis Presley?

In 1961 the 1912 Citrus County Courthouse in Inverness was used to film the courthouse scene in the movie. Yee haw!

The last weekend of October, Inverness holds the Great American Cooter Festival.
Cooter is a turtle. It received its name from African slaves, who called it a kuta.
*Confession: I’ve eaten turtle before.…as a child. Can’t say I’d eat it now though. Bluuueeecckkkk!
But, I don’t think this festival is about eating the Cooter. Here is a link that will tell you about the Great American Cooter Festival if you are interested.

Inverness has a nice family park called Whispering Pines Park. You can swim in a Junior Olympic sized pool Monday through Sunday for $3.00. Seniors can swim for $2.00. Here’s the link if you are interested: you’ll find out all kinds of information about launching your boat, camping, canoe or kayaking, golfing, and biking too.

Inverness has a lovely Bed and Breakfast called the Magnolia Glenn:

Inverness has antique shops and auctions on Florida Avenue and Pine Avenue. So get out your walking shoes and make a day of it in Inverness, then hop over to the Whispering Pines Park and take a cool dip in the pool.
....and guess what?
Rutabaga's Deli on S. Croft Avenue is dog friendly and there's also a dog park located at East Turner Camp Road!


Maybe we’ll see each other there!


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "H" is for Homosassa, Florida

Homosassa is located in Citrus County on the West Coast of Florida.

I don’t have fond memories of this place. When I was a young bride (first husband), I was dumped off at my in-law’s in Homosassa while my husband went on to the Presidio of Monterey, in Monterey California, and got settled in.

My in-laws owned a nursery in Homosassa and took advantage of the free labor, that being Me!

I potted so many plants from sun up to sun down than I care to remember. I was never so happy when my husband sent for me. I never went back to Homosassa again!

Homosassa, I can tell you I have misspelled that name so often that the Post office got tired of correcting the spelling and just sent it on. And what an address for someone to have:  Chassahowitzka Rd., Homosassa, Florida.

Homosassa, it supposedly means place where peppers grow. I can tell you a lot of other crap grows there, because I planted it!

Geez…who thinks up these names anyway!

Homosassa - How things got started there.

Because of the Armed Occupation Act of 1842, any man over the age of 18 who was able to bear arms would be given  160 acres, if he  were to prove up the land by building a house and cultivating 5 acres while living there for 5 years.

William Cooley did just that. He was a merchant, a shipper and later became the Justice of Peace in Homosassa.  

In 1846 Cooley sold his land to David Levy Yulee.

David Levy Yulee established a 5,000 acre sugar cane plantation on the Homosassa River, working his plantation with the labor of 1,000 slaves. He grew cotton and citrus in addition to the sugar cane.

His home and plantation was burned to the ground during the Civil War and these are the remains of his plantation and sugar mill. You can see them at the Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins Historic State Park located in Homosassa.
*Note...I don't have a thing for Sugar Mill ruins although you might think I do....but I do have a thing for Plantations.

Moving along....

Later, a man named John Dunn bought Yulee’s land and built an Inn.

This is the remains of Dunn’s Homosassa Inn and it is now a private residence.

There are just not a lot of things to do in Homosassa. Oh you can fish, and kayak or venture out to other places around Homosassa, like the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park or Ozello for instance.
Ozello is located between Homosassa and Crystal River. I wouldn’t want to live there during Hurricane season!


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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "G" is for Gainesville Florida

Where off to Gainesville folks! See the green star on the map?
It’s located right off from Interstate #75.

First off let me tell you this…the country side in Gainesville is unlike any that you would imagine being in Florida. There are beautiful gently rolling green pastures and flowing moss on stately oak trees in north Florida. If I wasn’t a rivah chick I’d love to live in North Florida!

They also have sinkholes over in the center of the state. One ancient one is the Devil’s Millhopper, a 120 foot deep sinkhole that you can walk down steps to the bottom. Not a big attraction for me because I have bad knees and can’t do stairs. But you might like it.
So tell me….
When you think of Florida gators do you think of University of Florida?

It’s the home of the University of Florida Gators. The U of F has cranked out such notables as: Tim Tebow, Actress Faye Dunnaway, and country singer Mel Tillis, just to name a few.

Southeast Gainesville Residential District contains 94 historical buildings. Beautiful examples of diverse architecture like this one above. It is the Sweetwater Branch Inn Bed and Breakfast formerly the Mary Phifer McKenzie House.
There is also Paynes Prairie. Yep you are seeing correctly. Florida has several prairies running down the center of the state.
And there’s a nice viewing platform just off I -75.

Speaking of things to see... you might also like…

…to see the giant Victoria water lilies at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville.
Well that’s it for Gainesville. The only other thing I might go there for is to visit a childhood friend that I have known since she was two and I was four. She’s been a keeper!
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