Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Centus #109~ Training Lessons

Sneaky Jenny has pulled a fast one on us. She gave us half a picture last week and the whole picture this week. It certainly changes the storyline.

Here goes…..

Momma was always jealous of Tula. Paw protested but then momma stopped cooking and cleaning, among other things, when he did. So there was no intervention.

Momma was tired of Paw and his favoritism towards Tula. She taught Tula to walk prissy, put make-up on and fix her hair. When Tula turned sixteen, momma put her out and told her “Don’t ever come back!”

“But momma what will I do?” Tula asked.

“Just do what you know how to do best!” Momma said.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of Tula on the street corner doing what she does best.


I leave you with this….

Proverbs 22:6~ Train children how to live right, and when they are old, they will not change.

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Judie said...

I saw Tula yesterday. She's 17 now, but she looks A LOT older! I hear that her profession does that to women like Tula. So sad, eh??

Sue said...

A sad story. Well done.


Viki said...

Talk about a dysfunctional family...
I'd say Exhibit A. Interesting take on this though.

Jo said...

Grat take on the prompt! But such a sad hard reality for some girls.

anitamombanita said...

Very sad. I think there are many mothers who turn their daughters into sex objects unwittingly. I'd like to shake them...the mothers, that is!

jfb57 said...

Now that is truly shocking especially if we think how true it is for some. A great piece to make us think.

My entry was very late but it's here if you would like to read it

Jenny said...

Tula. Oh no! Please, honey, come off the streets...there are better ways to survive.

Darn Ma anyway. God bless the children and save them from insecure cruel people.

Ames. This was really disturbing. Killer writing.