Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "C"

Hi all! I am back again for Alphabe~Thursday with more useless facts about some of the communities and towns throughout Florida. Last week was all about Bithlo.


Let’s skip that particular unpleasant community and continue east towards the coast of Central Florida while using Orlando as a jumping off reference.

While driving to the coast on State Road Highway #50 you will drive through Christmas, Florida.

Yep this is it folks.  See the Christmas tree on the left? It stays up all year long, that and a small manger. When I was a small child we used it as a land reference whenever my father drove us to Orlando.

Christmas Florida began when a Fort was constructed on December 25, 1837. If you turn left at the Christmas tree it will take you to a life size replica of the Fort, one of 200 Forts built during the 2nd Seminole War in Florida.  It’s a pretty neat place to rest up and enjoy restored examples of Florida Cracker houses such as the Dog Trot.

Photo credit: The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, University of South Florida

Photo credit: The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, University of South Florida
And of course they have examples of outhouses.
I used one of these at my Mamaw Carrie’s homestead in Kentucky. Outhouses are dark, scary, smelly and full of spiders and occasional snakes too.((((Shiver)))
But back to the term “Cracker”….let me say this…the term cracker is most always used inappropriately. Not all native born Floridians (self-included) are “Crackers.” The term “Cracker” refers to the Florida prairie cowboys that cracked their whips to herd cattle.
Meanwhile back to the Fort.  
Fort Christmas Park has several events throughout the year. I have provided a link for the information regarding “A Cracker Christmas” below.
Moving along and continuing to head east, you will run up on a huge gator.
"Swampy" the World's Largest Gator at Jungle Adventures Nature Animal Park
I’ve never been here because Wildlife Management has pulled gators out of the pond behind my house. I feel that’s up close and personal enough for me. The last one was 9 foot. But if you are visiting the state, I recommend a stop here and an airboat ride up the St. John’s River. You’ll see plenty of gators that way while in a safe environment.
I’ve provided a link for any further info you may want to check out regarding airboat rides here:
Well that concludes my tour of Christmas Florida. If you want to continue on to the coast you’ll have to cross the St. John’s River and jump on the interstate (I-95) and head South to Cocoa, Florida. From there you can hop over to Cocoa Beach and perhaps stop in at Ron John’s Surf Shop, another iconic Florida  spot. Maybe you have heard of it?
Other Florida towns that start with a “C” are: Cape Canaveral, Clermont, Cassadaga, Cross Creek, Coral Gables and so on. Feel free to Google these places.
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Thanks for stopping by! See ya next week for the letter “D”~Ames


Catawissa Gazetteer said...

I loved the fort and Christmas FL but I will pass on the gators!

Catawissa Gazetteer said...

Oh no, my husband must be logged in- this is really Kathy from Moving On To The Past. I better check my log on. Good thing I didn't say anything too silly! LOL

Naila Moon said...

Christmas sounds like an interesting place. Thanks for the take along.
~Naila Moon

Viki said...

This town is a lot better than last weeks LOL. It looks like a neat place to visit. I've never heard of it. Although the forts were built on Christmas it seems strange a town called Christmas with no snow, ha.
I remember the rest stops used to have outhouses, yuck!!

Pondside said...

Outhouses are one aspect of the Good Old Days that can stay firmly in the past!

Deb said...

I would like to cruise down I-95 and stop in every beach town. I would probably skip stopping to see "Swampy", yikes.

Judie said...

Jiminey Christmas, Ames!!! Hahaha! And those gators in your pond? Lizzie would be just a snack!!

Nonna Beach said...

Wowee Ames !

We have moss covered turtles in our lakes nearby but no gators so far ( they seem to prefer built - in swimming pools in these parts ) I love that the St. John's flows us some cool bragging rights 'cause nobody from elsewhere believes it !

Sue said...

Interesting spot, Ames.


PS. Can't believe there was a 9-foot gator in the pond behind your house. Yikes!

Jim said...

I like your "C" post, Ames. The first time I came to Orlando was in the early 1970's. There weren't tarmacks at the airport but rather portable stairs to get on and off. The terminal building was very small, like a small town airport.

We drove across to the Cape Kennedy NASA facility to run a similation with the Lunar Rover in the 'sand pile.'

The last time we stayed at the Peabody, everything was all modern.

We have done an aligator swamp air boat ride but didn't see any alligators. That was in Lousiana.

I also have an Alphabe~Thursday for the letter "C" posted on my other blog, here:
Jim's Alphabe-Thursday

KDL said...

Might be fun to live in a place where it's always Christmas, at least at one corner :-). I do not envy you your 9 foot gators.

anitamombanita said...

Hey Ames, loving your tour of Florida. I'm way behind on my blog reading...trying to catch up!! See ya :)

Jenny said...

You are so cute.

I'm totally besotted with that cute alligator.

Christmas, I come!