Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday Centus #108- Be True to Yourself

Jenny gave us another picture to tell a story. How original Jenny.
Here goes….

Mom always encouraged Tula to be true to herself. She had the worst taste in clothes and shoes. The flashier they were the happier she was.  I was embarrassed, but mom always took up for her.  She’d say “Leave her alone, she is just figuring out who she is.”
She spent all her babysitting money on dance lessons and joined the Ballet when she was 13.  When she turned 18 she married her ex-dance instructor and went on to be a renowned dancer. I guess she showed everyone what it meant to be true to one’s self.
Are you a follower in society? Or have you been true to yourself? I often wonder how different life would have been for me if I had been true to myself.
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Judie said...

Do I LOOK like a follower in society???? What do you think, Ames!!


Bookie said...

I have a foot in each camp, Ames. I always tried to fit in, yet be myself too. Hard going! Wish I could have a do over sometimes but with ALL I know now. Wonder how it would turn out?

Jo said...

I'm pretty sure that I have rarely been a follower! and great take on the prompt, a totally interesting direction!

JJ said...

Do I SOUND like a follower in society?? What do you think, Ames!!

Ames said...

Hi all! I used a real life dancer as the dancer in my story. I am surprised that no one has figures out who she is.:)~Ames

Sue said...

I think I've been pretty true to myself. That's how I roll.


anitamombanita said...

Definitely a follower...following whatever breeze blows my way... LOL

Viki said...

This was a great story. I'm too much of a rule follower. I often think if I hadn't been what I would have been lol.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

It amazes me how many different ways there are to respond to the same prompt. This one made me stop and think. I'm afraid I've usually been a follower, but I TRY to be true to myself. There are certain things that I just can't compromise about. Good job! laurie @

Anonymous said...

Still working on who the true me is -- but try to bed true to her to the extent I figure it out. Nice story.

Naila Moon said...

I step sometimes on both sides. It depends on the issues of life for the day. Great write and love she dances.

~Naila Moon

Annesphamily said...

I have always fought authority! They only think they won! Ha! I am not a conformist! I hate being stuck in a box! I like to do my own thing! I only answer to the Good Lord! No one else!

Jenny said...

I dunno.

I think I'm not a follower but then sometimes I think I am one and then sometimes I'm not but then I try really, really hard to be a follower.

The one thing I always am, though, is decisive.

Don't you think?


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