Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday Centus #107~ One Man's Flick is Another Man's Fate.

Welcome to Saturday Centus # 107.  This week Jenny has provided a picture for us to tell a story. Looking at this deadly scene I think about all those people who flick cigarettes without ever giving thought to their actions. And wouldn't it be a horror to be caught up in this scenario?

now, on to my contribution.....

This is hell,

running for life down the face of a mountain.

I pray all the living can make it out of its way,

before they succumb to the deadly sizzle of its hot flanks.

A race for time.

A race for life.

The smoke,

so thick and hot.

Not one breath of fresh air to carry me further, to carry me forward.

The stream!

I’d rather drown than burn.

I slip,



God help me make the stream.




I feel bones break.

Gasping for air that isn’t there,

I land face down in the stream.

Smoking causes more than cancer!
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Karen S. said...

Oh no! Fear not, for all of your centus friends are coming to pull you out!

On the serious side, you are so right. If only my mother had listened to those words.

Jo said...

ouch! damn, how horrible ... i would far rather drown than burn if those were the only two choices ... this one hurt Ames ... well written!

Judie said...

Ames, I knew this Centus would be right up your alley!


Sue said...


Fire can be so frightening and destructive.


anitamombanita said...

Way to go, Ames! I definitely was feeling the heat of your words!

Jenny said...

before they succumb to the deadly sizzle of its hot flanks

Geez, Louise, Ames.

That is some seriously good writing.

I love the powerful, dark direction you took here.

Really tight writing, my friend.