Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday Centus 106~ The Mother's Day Gift

Hi! It's me. Long time no see. I've missed a few Saturday's, but it was worth it to spend time with my little granddaughter.

This week Jenny has given us the prompt of "cream together butter and sugar."  With a passel of grandsons I thought problem with this prompt!

and now on to my contribution....


“Jimmy you need to get the sugar canister down from the top shelf. The recipe says to cream together butter and sugar.”
“Jimmy you idiot now look what you did!”
“I couldn’t help it Pete, the can was heavy!”
“Go get momma’s dust buster, will just suck it up and pour it in the bowl. Once we mix it up no one will ever know!
"Grab the oatmeal while you’re still up there.”
“What’s it look like?”
“There’s a guy on it.”
“And the raisins too.”
“All I see is a jar of Caper’s.What’s that?”
“Fancy raisins.”
“That’ll do.”

Nothing like a little lovin from the oven! Enjoy your Mother's Day!
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Anonymous said...

Ew! Glad I don't have to taste!

Jo said...

oh gross!!! poor Mom, imagine having a tasty surprise!!!

Vicki/Jake said...

That was clever:)

Viki said...

Yikes, I bet those are some kind of tasting cookies, blech, LOL

Judie said...

No thank you. No cookies. I'm on a diet! It was a sweet gesture, though. Mwahahahahaha!!!!

rmannell said...

The wish to do something for mothers on Mother's Day can sometimes lead to a big clean up for mothers. Let's hope the efforts of the boys is a pleasant surprise and they remember the cook should leave a kitchen clean. :)

anitamombanita said...

Ames, think I'll stick with my lean green concoction...chocolate chip oatmeal caper floor dust cookies just don't sound that great! LOL

Sue said...

What a perfect Centus for Mother's Day, Ames. Loved it!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Yuk! No thanks, I don't want to try one of those. Fun centus. laurie

Anna said...

Normally, I would have thought that this was a cleaver and cute text about boys being boys... but right now I just can't read this too deeply, after having trouble keeping food down while I am ill with the flu.
Health and good food go hand in hand.
Hope you are well.
Best wishes,

Anna's SC wk 106 - Baking with...

Jenny said...

Awww...Ames? Is the recipe you made with your little flower?

This was really, really cute!

Thanks for the smile!