Friday, May 11, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "Y"

Yoo Hoo...are you out there???

Once again we come full circle in the week and meet up with other AT friends to participate in Jenny Matlock's AlphabeThurday excercise.  We are slowly finishing up the alphabet. This week it's all about the letter "Y"

My "Y" stands for Yoo Hoo

You know...the drink Yoo Hoo?

Do you drink Yoo Hoo?

I don't. I don't like milk. I 've never liked it, but for some reason it was the "Y" word that popped into my head.

Yoo Hoo originated in New Jersey in the 1920's by Natale Olivieri. He discovered a process to produce a chocolate soft drink that would not spoil.

My husband loves Yoo Hoo. Every once in awhile he will ask me to pick up a six pack of bottled Yoo Hoo.

He usually reminisces about how he got pulled over by a local cop for drinking and driving. The police officer did not like my husband. He was the type of police officer that would write his own grandmother a ticket. I think he did at one time.

Well my hubby was no angel as a teenager.  Let's just say he was  humm...what I would call a rowdy grease monkey who liked fast cars.

Anyway, back to the story....

When the officer reached in the car to remove the "said bottle of beer" he was very upset to find out that my husband was drinking a Yoo Hoo. He gave my hubby a ticket anyway and when my husband went to court to fight it, the judge got mad at the officer when he found out it was just a bottle of Yoo Hoo. He threw out the ticket and scolded the officer in front of my husband. Probably the worst thing he could have done considering the rivalry between the cop and my husband.Then the  judge called my hubby by name..."I don't want to see you in here again either!"

Weeeeelll some guys just get all excited when they reminisce over stuff like that. Like that was something to be proud of.

Now the hubby is an old man. Drives like one too. But he still likes to reminisce about the old days over an ice cold Yoo Hoo.

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Sue said...

I don't think I've ever tasted Yoohoo, but that's one heck of a good story!


Pondside said...

That drink is new to me - but I understand, completely, how such a drink can become emblematic of youth. For me it was a chocolate drink found only in Nova Scotia. All winter long I'd think of it, and the first thing I wanted when we'd arrive at my grandmother's was a bottle of that creamy chocolate.

Deb said...

I can't believe he got a ticket for drinking a Yoo Hoo and driving. Rediculous!!! I don't care for them but my Brother-in-law loves them. He's also a rowdy grease monkey....interesting:)

Lmkazmierczak said...

Nice post. Everyone should have a favorite "cop" story♫♪

Jo said...

We finally got to try this drink a few months ago ... it was not bad ... but my daughter's favourite chocolate drink is from a small dairy, that produces the best milk, and the chocolate milk is simply to die for ... and best of all it comes in glass bottles ...

Judie said...

"grease monkey?" Well, that teenager certainly turned out well, didn't he! He went on to become an exemplary saver of lives and property. Give that boy all the YooHoo he can drink! He deserves it!!


anitamombanita said...

Hey Ames, nice post. I've seen yoohoo but never tried it. I'm not much of a chocolate milk drinker.

Annesphamily said...

That is a hilarious story! I am not a fan of the law period! I think the American justice stinks! I recently heard New Jersey will ticket you for texting and walking but you can be a gang banger and nothing is done about it! In fact in Aurora Colorado last night 4 teen girls were driving and minding their own business when a car pulled up next to them and opened fire! Fortunately for the driver she received minor injuries. It is interesting that the cops never catch those people!
I received a speeding ticket and they way they treat us like common criminals shakes me to the core of my being! Perhaps if corruption were not running rampant! ARGH....
Oh a happy note my late FIL L O V E D Yoo Hoo! :) :) :)

beckyp said...

I don't think i have ever tried a yoo hoo. I once got a ticket for riding on the window of a car. You know sitting on the door. I was about 17 or so. It was like $67 and I paid it in change

Andy David said...

Hello Ames.
I'm laughing so hard I have to hold my belly! I've never heard of Yoohoo, but I'm sure anything chocolaty tastes good. What a hilarious post! Thanks for sharing.

You Are Perfect To Me

Vicki/Jake said...

FunnY Ames! I've seen it on the shelves but dislike milk myself. You have a happy mom's day:)

Jenny said...

Ames! Even though I'm not a YooHoo fan, I'm a big fan of this story!

Thanks for making me laugh.

I'm glad I wasn't drinking YooHoo cuz it might have come out of my nose!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I always loved Yoohoos and peanuts! Oh my! So good!