Friday, May 25, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "A" is for Auburndale, Florida

Hi all! Jenny is starting a new round of Alphabe~Thursday and I thought I’d try to complete the alphabet through my state sort of like Jenny painting her way through the alphabet only I am going to show you some unique towns in Florida for each letter in the alphabet, only with a “stream of consciousness”  twist to it.  You might want to pay attention...there will be a quiz.

Well here goes~
“A” is for Auburndale, Florida

That’s it, sort of center of the state, right under the I-4 sign. It’s a spit and miss it town located on the ridge that runs down the center of Florida.

Sooooh...I Googled images of Auburndale......and

I found a bunch of pics of all the lakes created by sinkholes in Auburndale……..

See what I mean?

Lake Lena, (top)that's my grandmother's name... and Lake Ariana, (center) sounds like a name from a Walt Disney production,  and it has ... what looks like a little ...uh... ummm...a  winkie off to the right? And then you see the deep blue waters of Lake Arietta on the right below that.
If you don’t know what a sinkhole is you can Google it.
Anyway, back to Auburndale…
Like I said.... I Googled images and …… hey wait a minute…what’s this?
Does anyone out there remember these guys? Well they were High School graduates from Auburndale High.
(L->R: Tully Stokes, Ron Whitney, Chuck Brown and Allen Keefer)
The Starfires (1959-1962)?
Chuck dropped out and went to law school in Tampa Florida and is now  The Honorable Judge "Charlie" Brown
Ron & The Starfires (1963-1970)?
Ron & the Starfires played as opening acts for quite a number of sixties artists including: The Shangri-las, The Birdwatchers, Tommy Roe, The Nightcrawlers, John Fred & His Playboy Band and Rufus Thomas and often shared the stage when in Daytona (Florida) with The Allman Joys.

Funny names huh?

Maybe you remember this?

Or even this?
Okay you don't have to cry, I'm going now. You can jump back to Jenny's blog here: off on my tangent

Thanks for stopping by!~Ames


Sue McPeak said...

How could I not remember the Starfires...a girl named Sue made them Solitary Men...LOL!!! This is going to be a fun Theme for AlphabeThursday. I'll be looking forward to the Florida PoDunk Town Tour!

BTW...I remember ALL of the BoyBands from the 60's. We did alot of Nightcrawling!!!

Judie said...

Great "A" post, Ames!! I think we've driven through that place once or twice. Love those sinkholes! I wonder how deep they are??

lissa said...

never heard of Auburndale but than again, I've never been quite anywhere.

very informative post. have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Fun and informative -- nice way to do A

Gattina said...

Google is a good help ! Ariana doesn't make me think of a Walt Disney production, but it was the name of Mr. G's finacée just before he met me, lol !!

Sue said...

I do remember that first one, but it's the Neil Diamond one I'm familiar with. I'm totally unfamiliar with the second song. Actually, never heard of the Starfires!


anitamombanita said...

Hey Ames, I'll A-Z you through Patagonia if you A-Z me thru Florida! :)

Lmkazmierczak said...

Vising from Miss Jenny's...lovely post. I like learning about Florida, I have a daughter attending U. of Central FL and a son living in Palm Bay♫♪

H said...

I know hardly anything about Florida, so this will be interesting :)

Jenny said...

This is gonna be fun!

I'm don't know too much about Florida! It will be neat to find out more about your amazing state!

Still cracking up over the 'winkie' part.

You're just a nut!

Thanks for linking up! And thanks for the smile.

(wink, wink!)


Annesphamily said...

Taking a tour thru Florida with Ames! Aw.....I like it, I love it and I want to come back for more of it! A poet and I did not know it! Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

What a good idea, now I can learn more about your home state.