Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Centus~Friends are the Flowers in Life.

Hi I’m back. Well at least for this Saturday Centus.

I am afraid I have my hands full when I babysit my granddaughter. And there’s not much time for sitting at the computer.  Besides, I am so far behind in visiting and reading all your wonderful entries. I feel terrible about that. I hope to visit  everyone sooner or later.

So here is this week’s prompt: There’s a yellow rose in Texas…..

Hummm…. I wonder if Jenny knew that yellow roses are associated with joy, warmth, and friendship?

Now, on to my contribution…..


There’s a yellow rose in Texas.


Actually I know two yellow roses in Texas.

One is named Deb and the other Sue.

They are my friends and bloggers too.

Like friendships, yellow roses bring me such joy.

It only stands to reason that I would pick these two yellow roses from Texas.

Texas is a big state they say and I can attest to that.

When I was 16 years old I took a bus from Florida to California. The trip took five days. Most of it was through Texas.

One day I would like to return to Texas. Just not on a bus!


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Friends are the flowers in life. ~ Ames


Judie said...

Great one, Ames!!! Did you read about Betty Martin's husband? He died suddenly! Betty's blog is Daydreamn World ( in case you would like to contact her. They live in Texas.

Sue said...

I agree with you about friends, and I am sorry to hear about Betty's husband. I need to go over there.


Vicki/Jake said...

I drove through Texas once too...with five kids, an old car, and everything I owned in a makeshift hauling trailer..from Michigan to Arizona. But I think a nice vacation of visiting and seeing sights would be fun. And NOT on a bus:)

Bookie said...

Glad you are back...I hope to be back too someday! Sounds like you have two Texas roses in your life.

Judee said...

Loved the comment about the trip taking 5 days, and most of it was Texas, lol. Mine is here:

Deb said...

Sorry I'm getting here late! We were out looking for a car yesterday and you know how tiring that can be. I love being one of your yellow roses in Texas:))))

I hope you get to Texas one day for a real visit and we can meet in person!

Karen S. said...

I was excited to see your name, and what a sweet couple of roses you know! Very nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Nice piece and love the rose pics

Splendid Little Stars said...

a wonderful yellow rose post!
That must have been some bus trip--and at 16!
I went to Texas once on a train. I think it was from Indianapolis to Huston. It took 24 hours.

Jenny said...

Cute post Miss Ames.

Isn't it wonderful babysitting? But I know what you mean...during the summer it's hard to post at all.

They are certainly busy little things...

I'm glad your sweet little flower is getting to have time with you!