Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Centus~ My Nightmare

Hi all welcome to another Saturday Centus, week #99. I have a little story to tell. It all started with my being sleep deprived from getting our tax papers together for our Tax man.  I was up until 5:00 am doing Excel spread sheets. Then add to that Miss Lily’s first birthday party today and I ate too many carbs and loaded up on sugar and well my blood sugar went way out of whack.  I decided to lie down and snuggle with our girls for a little afternoon siesta sugar coma.

And now, my nightmare…..


I took all my grandchildren to Red Lobster and tried to leave a $20 tip.

The waitress gave my $20 bill back and said “Not enough.”

I said “What?”

She said “More like two hundred would be about right.”

I said “The bill was only $100.00!”

She said “The bill is $1,000.00.”

I asked her for an itemized receipt and to see the manager.

She walked away thinking “this is so easy…I’m living the dream man!”

I decided to call the police.

After sorting things out, she was cuffed and taken away.

Then the doorbell rang and woke me up.


*Actually two yapping Chihuahuas woke me up but I only had 100 words.

So, any dream interpreters out there?
Can anyone tell me why I would have such a stupid dream? 
Was it the two brats soaked in beer?
The killer pasta salad??  

Or the Strawberry pink cake topped with Princess Pink icing???
Or maybe it’s because those blood suckers from the IRS want my money!

I guess I’ll never know.

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Thanks for stopping by. ~Ames


Anna said...


I feel your pain! I am knee-deep in book-keeping and income tax returns to be filled out. To my horror, my new accountant gave me the wrong information and wasted a lot of precious time, when I am already late. Worries! Worries!

Wonderful, funny text! Love the dream!

Cute pics too!

Best wishes & hugs,
Anna's SC wk 99 - 'Robert reads a letter'

Sue McPeak said...

You should have one more BeerBrat...that should have gotten you another 50 words for a louder SCREAM over the IRS!!!! What a nightmare!

Viki said...

Yikes what a nightmare. Good thing it wasn't true, lol. Better lay off those carbs and sweets, ha, ha. Very funny said...

That is outrageously funny, Ames. I love where your imagination takes you and the reader.

PS I've missed you. Sorry I've been kinda MIA. I'm finally back with a centus.

PPS A sugar coma snuggling session sounds divine.


Karen S. said...

I have to believe you can blame it on the I.R.S. men....!

Deb said...

I'll bet it was the blood sucking tax man that is to fault. That was one expensive meal. Y'all must have all had the lobster. LOL!

Ames said...

Anna, Sue, Viki, Robyn and Kare: knowing that I owe the IRS probably did it to me. :D

Ames said...

Deb: Funny I don't remmeber what we ate in the dream. :)

MiracleMommy said...

Very funny! Though on the rare occasions that we eat at Red Lobster, it feels like it costs $1,000.

Sue said...


You been feelin' ripped off lately?


anitamombanita said...

That's kinda hilarious...and frightening. Honestly, no offense, cuz you might be a fan, but anything more than $20 at Red Lobster would be $20 too much in my book... I hate that place. Hope you recover from your sugar high! heehee

Ames said...

Miraclemommy: I can believe that!

Sue: Yes! Anytime I have to give money to the government so they can pad their pockets I feel ripped off!

Anitamombanita: We very rarey eat there. Must be a subconsious thing. LOL!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Love it! Good thing you woke up before the lobsters stated pinching your wallet too. (My Centus will post Monday morning.)

Splendid Little Stars said...

I vote for the IRS!

Judee said...

Yeah, a money dream about getting stiffed from someone who is supposed to be serving you? Just after you prepared papers for your taxes? Do you really need a dream interpreter, lol? Well done and fun use of the prompt.
If you have time:

Kara said...

That is certainly a very strange dream. It did make a pretty good story though.

Annesphamily said...

Terrific writing! I love the photos you shared with the story! You made me smile! :)

Jenny said...

How can Lilly by one already?

No way!

Oh, I bet that party was worth every moment of the sugar-induced coma.

I think it was the brats, though!

What a funny dream, Miss Ames. I definitely think she was the IRS in disguise!