Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Take~"The Hunger Games"

Well I’ve heard a lot about The Hunger Games from two of my oldest grandsons. They have read the book or books. I hear this is a trilogy. I decided I would see if it really will be the next best series since Harry Potter.


Mr. Ames and I went to the 1:00 pm showing today thinking the theatre wouldn’t be that full.

We had to move twice because I couldn’t see.

*Rant: There are a lot of people out there with big heads. Not to mention the really tall ones that don’t want to sit in the empty row next to you…Oh no they want to sit right down in front of you. I couldn’t see past this guy even if I leaned over on Mr. Ames’ shoulder. Geeez!!

Anyway…back to the movie.

First and foremost I think the person that wrote this story wants to interject a scenario of futuristic doom and gloom for the populous of Earth. A post-apocalyptic scenario where the elitist (the Capital) thrive and dominate power over what was the remains of North America, now called Panem. The 12 districts surrounding the Capital have to rely on those that are well off for food. The Capital has an annual lottery which selects one boy and one girl from each district to fight to the death. Only the survivor wins.

Hummm… sounds like a sick sadistic way to thin out humanity. Let’s see 74th game of 23 tributes killed….that’s umm…1702 lives exterminated.

I can conjure up images of a New World Order, Georgia Guide Stones, the new Denver airport, all those survival shows on TV that show you how to create impenetrable bunkers…… and it sort of reminds me of an old movie titled Soylent Green.

Does anyone else remember that movie?

It came out in 1973 and starred Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson, and Leigh Taylor-Young. It involved another scenario for an overpopulated futuristic Earth.

Back to “The Hunger Games.”

Just what do the creators of these types of storylines want to instill in us?

Fear, Fear, and Fear!

When there is fear a fight or flight mode overcomes us naturally.

This is how you get rogue militants, people living off the grid stock piling food and ammo.

I know I know…it was just a book, a movie, just another form of media to influence people.

I am not sure I will pay to see the second or third part of this trilogy.

I couldn’t get through the Twilight series and then after I saw the first movie I gave all the books to my daughter. She couldn’t put them down.

So this is just my take.

Have you read or gone to see The Hunger Games?

What do you think?



Gail said...

I have not met the Twilight nor the Hunger series.

There is a strange theory that the media introduces us to these fears so when the real thing happens we don't all go crazy.

Solent Green could be a clause in the proprosed health plan.

I'm not crazy...just playing What If

Bookie said...

I have no desire to see The Hunger Games for all the reasons you mentioned. I read a lot of sad times in history, but how to learn NOT to create more of it. Don't need to hear how bad it will get in the future...because we don't learn from history. Yes, I remember well Soylent Green...I have thought of it often since I saw it...

Deb said...

I have not read the book or went to see the movie but my 17 year old niece saw it today and wasn't that impressed. She said it was dumb..... It seems to be a bunch of hype over nothing. Hopefully no one will take it serious.

P.S. I haven't seen Twilight either...I live a sheltered life. LOL!

Jo said...

At first i thought I "should" see it ... but I just know I don't want to at all ... so i will be giving it a pass. I have spoken to people who have read all three books. Apparently the first one was the best and it's all kind of downhill and writing that feels "forced" on the other two.

Nonna Beach said...

Excellent post Ames !!!

I am not a fan of either "Twilight" or "Harry Potter" Read the 1st Twilight book at the urging of an avid friend/fan. I thought it was a pedestrian attempt at writing and couldn't wait until I fulfilled my promise to read it so I could be done with it. Never was interested in reading Harry Potter at all but I have friends who are mad for both series, to each his own !

"Soylent Green" is one of my all time favorite movies. It was low budget, very thought provoking without hitting you over the head with the overpopulation nonsense ( I think the earth has enough room for everyone, unless people stop dying and there are no more other causes of death )

I will not be spending big bucks on "The Hunger Games" I think the premise is interesting and horrible at the same time but then killing for food is nothing new in the world's history.

JJ said...

I will read the book, because the kids are reading it and I don't want to be in the dark. I read the Twilight series for the same reason. I was unimpressed. However, I am a Soylent Green fan!

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Ames, I haven't seen the movie, but I read all three books. The books were excellent. They are science fiction, of course, but the vision isn't all that hard to imagine with the pace at which the world changes.

There are so many excellent sub-plots that exist in the books: strength, courage, people doing the right thing when you're quite sure they won't, family love, the indomitable human spirit, etc.

Can't speak to the movie, but I urge you to read the books.

Splendid Little Stars said...

no, neither.

The premise sounds awful, but the book is so popular. Chances are I will read (or attempt to read) the first book and then see from there.

I listened to an audio recording of the first Twilight book (because my daughter has enjoyed reading them). The reader was fantastic, the author an excellent writer. However, I felt like I would have preferred an abridged version. (Perhaps that's because I'm over 30!) The end was gripping, but I don't think I can slog through any more books. My daughter agrees with me about it being too long, but says the folklore and history created are most interesting.

Sue said...

Haven't read it. Haven't seen it. Don't intend to.


Annesphamily said...

It reminds me of the fall of Rome! We watch Spartacus! My kids say how could you watch such porn? But actually it is not porn! It is quite historically accurate! The Hunger Games reminds me of the sick and twisted politicians using my hard earned dollars for their own selfish gain! I am not much into trilogies. Not a Harry Potter fan. Not a fan of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, the vampires movies! I guess I am plain and boring!
This also reminds me of celebrities (i.e. Kurt Russell) that hunt animals trapped on private property! Ain't that grand?!?! Too stupid to hunt like real men! Ugh!
Your review was good though. Saves me lots of cash!
Have a great weekend!