Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Centus #95~ Misery

Our beloved Jenny is having hard times and has decided that the rest of us should share in her misery by the looks of this week's prompt: "the chair dominated the small room"

Like I always say..."You can't keep a good woman down." So here's my stab at her pain......


My friend Jenny is having a terrible week.

Her tooth is hurting her as we speak.

Her husband, poor Mr. Jenny, broke his foot,

He crashed their car and now its kaputt.

Dear friends she asked “What should I do?”

Her new job is in danger and their solutions were few.

Blogger friend Sue said to drink warm salt water,

but the pain was far worse than giving birth to her daughter.

Childhood memories full of gloom and doom,

made her shrink and the chair dominated the small room.

NO! She screamed as she swatted them away.

Now Mrs. Matlock you can’t wait another day.

I sure hope our Jenny has a better day after her tooth is fixed, her car is repaired, Mr. Jenny's foot heals, the POD is repaired , the kitchen reno is completed and her OTJ training is done.

Please stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent) I think you will make her feel better if you do.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

About Road Rage.....

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy
the scenery on a detour.
~ Author Unknown

I think dogs already know this.

Alphabe~Thursday "N" is for Numismatics

Welcome to Alphabe~Thursday. This week is about the letter "N"

"N" is for Numismatics.


On November 22, 1963 I was sitting on the floor in front of our black and white TV and watched the assassination of our 35th President John
Fitzgerald Kennedy. I called out to my mother, who was in the kitchen making the cookies I had begged her to make.
“Momma! The President just got shot!” My mother literally dropped what she was doing and ran into the living room and turned up the TV. She started crying and threw a tea towel over her face. I was only six years old. I started crying because my mother was crying and I didn’t know how to comfort her.
To this day I can close my eyes and smell the chocolate oatmeal drop cookies burning on the stove and I remember the dress my mother wore as if she were standing right here next to me. That was a time in my life that I will remember forever.

The following year, my father gave each one of us girls a 1964 John F. Kennedy Silver Half Dollar coin. He told us to hold onto it and never spend it. I still have mine. It is locked away in a safe deposit box.
Owning this special coin was the first coin I had ever collected. I wanted to know all about it.
I already knew it was a special coin, but there were other components to this coin that made it unique and this is what brings me to this week’s Alphabe~Thursday post “N” is for  Numismatics, the study of currency.
On the front or obverse side of my 1964 JFK coin is the bust of John F. Kennedy, the youngest elected President of the United States. He was 43 years old but was not the youngest President to sit in office.  Theodore Roosevelt was 42 years old when President McKinley was assassinated in 1901.  Roosevelt, the then vice President, automatically became our 26th President.

Handsome devil isn’t he? I have a thing for Teddy. Maybe it was his rough and ready cowboy persona, or all of the fascinating things he accomplished in his lifetime. I enjoy reading books about him and find the little bits and pieces of his life so interesting. Like the time he went to The North Entrance of Yellowstone in 1903 to dedicate the laying of the corner stone in Roosevelt’s Arch.

Teddy brought along his hunting rifle, thinking he would take in a little  game hunting while visiting our Nation’s First National Park until his advisors explained otherwise. (Hee hee)  He had grit!  

Yes, I have a thing for Teddy. Sigh.

WHOOPSY…I got side tracked here.

Okay back to the JFK coin.

On the reverse side is a version of the presidential seal. A heraldic eagle with a shield on its breast, holding a symbolic olive branch (peace) and a bundle of 13 arrows (strength)   The thirteen stripes represent the 13 colonies. The horizontal bar across the top represents Congress forming one government from many. Fifty stars representing the fifty states encircle the eagle which gives this coin the distinction of having more stars than any other coin. The metal composition is 90% silver and 10% copper. It’s total weight is 12.5 grams.


Okay. There you have it. Your lesson on the “N” word Numismatic is complete. Now if you will all get in a single file line and head back over to Jenny Matlock’s blog  (off on my tangent) you can learn more about the letter “N”.
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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Saturday Centus.......AUTOBIOGRAPHY in six words or less.



Please take a moment to  stop by Jenny Matlock's blog ( off on my tangent ) to visit other Centusian and learn more about these talented individuals that participate in this little writing meme.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "M" is for Money

AKA: Moolah, bread, cash, chips, coin, dough, funds, gold, gravy, legal tender, loot……...

                      Money often costs too much.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I heard on the evening news that President Obama is asking Congress permission to change the “metal recipe” used to make a penny and a nickel.
Apparently it cost more than they are worth to make them.

Photo Credit: Peter Griffin Pocket Change

A one-cent (Penny) cost 2.4 cents to make.


A five-cent (Nickel) cost 11.2 cents to make.

I also read:


The US Mint implemented Regulations back in 2006 to limit exportation*, melting, or treatment of the one-cent coin and the five-cent coin.
*Travelers may take up to $5.00 in coins out of the United States and individuals may ship up to $100 in these coins out of the country in any one shipment for legitimate coinage and numismatic purposes.

(Numismatic~ I may use that word as my "N" word for next week)
And the fine for melting down coins? Not more than $10,000, or imprisonment of not more than five years, or both, if a person knowingly violates the regulations.
The Government continues to make coin money even though it cost more to make it than it's worth?
Does that make sense?
Or should I say does that make cents?
 Well that's my two cents for this week's Alphabe~Thursday.  Stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent) and check out more on the letter "M"
Penny for your thoughts?~Ames

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

He still loves me!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Red paper, glitter, buttons and bows.
Bags all adorned lined up in rows.
Should I sign my name to his card?
Oh why does this have to be so hard?
I'm so excited I can't wait until then.
What if he see's me drop my card in?
I'll grab my bag and act like I don't care.
Then I'll rush home with the wind blowing through my hair.
Hurry to my room and shut the door.
I'll dump my Valentine's in a pile on the floor.
You're My Friend from Betty,
I like you from Bo,
You're Too Sweet from Sandy,
Will You Be Mine? 
This must be the one.
My hands get all sweaty,
My arms feel chilly.
I turn the card over and it says:
Love Billy.


Friday, February 10, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from Kathy over at  Moving On To The Past .  I am honored to receive this award. A big Thank You to Kathy Felsted Usher. And Now, it is my turn to pass on this award to 15 worthy bloggers. I wish I could have sellected all my followers. Everyone is special to me.

Here are the RULES for the Versatile Blogger Award-

1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention seven random things about yourself. (see below)
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are seven random things about me...

1. I'm a Christian and I'm a sinner. I'm not perfect but I believe God loves me anyway.
3. I love to play cards, drink spirits, but  I don't smoke.
4. I was the first female in my hometown to work in an all male profession.
5. I'm afraid of heights and I can't swim.
6. I've jumped out of a 5 story building and survived.
7. My favorite color is green and I think it's one of God's favorite colors too.

To complete the process I have compiled my list of 15 blogs that I know you'll agree are worthy of this honor too. Each of these blogs contribute something special to our little blogging community and each of the bloggers behind these blogs offer their unique perspective and experience on many complex issues that are important to me. Since I have to choose, here are my VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARDEES, not in any specific order cause I love'em all equally..

1. Jenny Matlock off on my tangent She's my writting mentor. She is supportive, and has a crazy  fun-loving  personality. She hosts a writing meme titled Saturday Centus and  a fun Linky titled Alphabe~Thursday. She is so down to earth I feel like I have known her a long time.

2. Judie from Rogue Artists I think she is my alter ego. I wish everyone knew her. She really is a talented artist and she cracks me up with her sense of humor. The kind that makes you shoot wine out your nose!

3. Diann from The Thrifty Groove .  She has a neat linky party where you can share all your nifty thrifty finds with other bloggers that also love thrifty things! All my life I have had to be thrifty. It feels so good to know that there are others out there that are thrifty too! Some for pleasure and some out of necessity.

4. Sue over at Collectin Texas Gal I share a lot in common with Sue. We both were Drum Majorettes in High School.  We both collect Early American Prescut glassware. We both quilt. We both love old things. We both dabble in Geneology.

5.  Linda  from  ALaCarte Now here's a gal that collects! She has an eye for some nifty vintage finds and constantly themes out her little cubbies. She has a knack for setting a pretty table with plates she finds all over. She is an inspiration to me and she has the sweetest grandson Tiger.

6. Sherry over at Back to Vintage . Sherry is another collector with an eye for some great vintage finds.  She collects Pyrex and one of the neat little things I like about her blog is she while show you something and ask if anyone knows what it is. It's a Whatzit.

7. Sue over at Sue's News and Views . This woman can crank out phenominal poems in no time flat. I wish I had her ability to write  and rhyme words. She is totally amazing!

8. Deb over at Howdy from Cowtown. Deb has some of the best recipes and she shares them with everyone. I have made several of her dishes and my family and in-laws love them. She has one cute and  hairy dog Gus and Deb is a Texan through and through.

9.  Becky over at Writer Searching For Bliss. Becky is a fellow writer with the same love for the written word as I have. Becky loves to write and read and she has one sweet dog named Vern. She is currently participating in A Month of Letters, keeping the written word alive through letters.

10. Aint For City Gals : Now this gal can redo a small vintage travel trailer that will make you green with envy. I am, I always wanted one.

11. Tom from Sophisticated Lunacy . I wish Tom had more time to write. He always comes up with some hilarious stuff. This guy always has something to say and like E F Hutton, everyone should stop and listen (or in this case read).

12. Robyn over at Life by Chocolate .  She will keep you in stitches with her eternal quest for a date.

13. P J at Scenes from the back of my Eyelids  Her humor is never ending.  Life is too darn short for the mundane.

14. Sharon over at The Woodwife's Journal This woman really know her natural remedies. She grows, harvest, and gathers herbs  for wonderful vintage herbal remedies. She calls it Wildcrafting.

15.Nonna Beach over at Tasty Tales She will get you started on Couponing and fill in the blanks on any questions you may have.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "L" is for Listen.

Alphabe~Thursday “L” is for Listen
A wise old owl sat on an oak,
the more he saw the less he spoke;
the less he spoke the more he heard.
Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?

There's more to learn about the letter "L" if you stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent) 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Centus #92~ Two Peas in a Pod.

Welcome to Saturday Centus #92. Jenny's life is off kiltered right now so she is using prompts offered up by another fellow Centusian, Nonna Beach of Tasty Tales

This week the prompt is "Two peas in a pod" and the word count is still 100 plus the five words for the prompt.

now on to my contribution......

Mozell Pease and Delilah were inseparable since the day they met in Elementary School.

He shortened her name to Dee, she shortened his to Mo. They were like two peas in a pod.

Always together, they married after graduation and made it through 12 sons, 18 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren  and 60 years of wedded bliss, a whole  lot of lovin’ went on in that union.

The day Mo Pease died, Dee’s zest for life ceased to exist.

One year to the day, Dee Pease was finally laid to rest alongside her beloved husband.

Their headstones read:

 The Pease are no longer in the pod.”
This is how my mother comforted us at the death of my beloved  Mamaw Lena on January 6, 1969.  She died on the 6th, was buried on the 9th in the year 1969. She was 69 years old and she died the day before my little sister's 7th birthday. It was very hard on us. The first time we experienced death. Mom would say "The pea is no longer in pod but gone on ahead to wait for us to join her in heaven." It eased our pain.
Please stop by Jenny Matlock's blog ( off on my tangent ) There's more peas over there creating more stories about this prompt.
Thanks for stopping by! ~Ames

Thrifty Things Friday #44

I'm joining in with Diann from The Thrifty Groove for a fun linky party called Thrifty Things Friday.  Where you can share (show off) your treasures , finds, savings, crafts etc.  

I only have two things to share this week.  I have been busy purging my closets so I can donate to my favorite charities. 
Lenox Tea Light
This week I found a brand new Lenox tea light for $5.29. More than I wanted to pay but I plan on using this in my guest bathroom. It will go perfect with my Lenox Holiday Nouveau shower curtain.

Merimekko mugs

And I found these mugs when I went to drop off some donations. They are Merimekko mugs for .25 cents each. I don't know much about these (yet) other than they were made in the USA. They still have the original sales stickers on them and I plan to use them for Christmas gifts this coming Christmas. They will go perfect with  some of my homemade Russian Tea tucked inside. 


Stop by Diann's blog and check out more awesome things at Thrifty Things Friday. Remember ...recycle and reuse and keep it out of our landfills.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday~ “K”

Photo Credit: eBay

“K” is for Knick Knacks….

Also known as…

Dust Catchers!


Stop by Jenny Matlock’s blog  ( off on my tangent ) and catch the “K’s”