Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday Centus~The Message

This week Jenny Matlock has left us with a very creepy prompt offered up by our fellow Centusian Nonna Beach of Tasty Tales

We are back to the usual 100 word limit plus the eight words that make up this week's prompt: We know where all the bodies are buried. Creepy huh?

now on to my contribution .....

An old man in a pick-up slowed to a stop.
“Going to Mayesville?” Zeke asked.
The old man thumbed to get in.
He hopped on the tailgate, the truck slowly pulled away.
The old man stopped at the Dig Inn Diner /Motel.
Zeke hopped off.
The parking lot was empty.
He turned to say thanks but the old man was gone.
$49 later Zeke punched on the A/C, tossed his duffle bag, and rushed to take a leak.
He turned to wash his hands and froze.
The bloody message We know where all the bodies are buried  ran down the mirror as a chill ran up his spine.

Would you stay there? I wouldn't.

Are you curious? Then stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent) for some answers. You can click on this link to get there:

Thanks for stopping by!~Ames


Sue said...



Judie said...

Not unless I KNEW where all the bodies were buried!! Good one, Ames!!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, that would be so terrifyingly scary if that were to happen to me.

Bookie said...

Good job, Ames. Creepy feeling induced here by your story!

Jo said...

Ames, this was unexpected ... and truly creepy!!! said...

A chill just ran up my spine. Sounds like my neighborhood. Great job, Ames.

anitamombanita said...

ok, creepy...when I read the name of the motel, I figured he was on his way to an archeological dig...LOL...nicely going to tell us more?

Lisa said...

I think I would be hitting the road again!

Jenny said...

That ending made me shiver. Yikes!

I would have high-tailed it out of there in about 0.2 seconds!

And then freaked out and felt guilty.

And had to go back.

And then who knows what would have happened!

Great twist Miss Ames.