Tuesday, January 31, 2012


While waiting for Yoga to start at the YMCA, I was approached by a Haitian woman who asked me if I was waiting to vote. (The YMCA is also used as a Voting Precinct )This Haitian woman said they (meaning the Republican pollsters) said she could not vote and she didn't understand why.

I asked her if she was a citizen of the United States (she had already told me she was from the Dominican Republic) and she said yes. She said back in 2008 when she went to the Orlando Convention Center to be sworn in as a citizen of The United States, the five groups that were sworn in were surrounded by Democratic Party members afterwards and they were very insistant that she register as a Democrat and that she could use her phone to donate $5 to help Obama's campaign.

My blood pressure started to rise and I became livid! This really just pisses me off!

First I kindly explained to her that unless she is registered  as a Republican she could not vote tonight. I explained that this vote was only for Republicans to vote for a Republican candidate to run against Obama. Florida is also a  Closed Primary state.

Mean while, I asked her if  she had a voter's registration card. She said yes, they mailed one to her back in 2008 so she could vote for Obama but she doesn't want to vote for him again.

I asked her if she still had her Voter's Registration Card. She said no. She said she threw it away because it was only good for the year 2008.

Are you kidding me????

Are you feeling my anger yet?

I told her she should Google all the political parties to decide which party she felt most aligned with her own political beliefs and then she should go the court house and re-register to vote under the party of her choice.

And people wondered how Obama ever got elected as President of the United States.

Now you know.

I'm disgusted that people vote blindly for candidates.

What happened to this misinformed woman when she became a citizen of the United States is considered illegal persuasion.

~Pissed Off in Florida


Bookie said...

I understand your being POed.
Unfortunately, this kind of behavior-one of deceit, twisting, fibbing, crookedness, cheating, irresponsiblity and more—does not belong to
one party, one faith, one gender, one nationality, one anything. Humanity just doesn’t seem to live up to anything moral anymore. I don’t know where it will all end.
Yea, I know I sound a little jaded……

BECKY said...

Bookie said it far better than I could have...But I have to add my 2-Cents worth. I totally dread these next MANY months until the November elections....Political ads, interviews, blah, blah... There's so much mudslinging and lying on both sides, it's all a joke to me. It's really sad when there's no one worth voting for...
(Just my opinion, obviously!) :D

shannon i olson said...

oh how irritating, although both sides do have some bad behaviors the Democratic party has had this sort of behavior with immigrants, convicts, and even dead people voting....always unchecked because of the willfully blind bias media...there is a rant for ya! grrrr

Jo said...

really ... like really???? i would think that something like this would go on in some 3rd world country, but in the usa??? you have every right to be pO'd ... that is just disgusting.

Nonna Beach said...

OMGosh, Ames, Awesome rant !

I remember when I was a kid, my Nana told me how politics was in Boston...very crooked and she warned me when I could vote to look at the issues, parties and then make my decisions about candidates to back just like you did with that lady. And to NEVER donate $$$ to any candidate or party. Your vote should be enough.

How disappointed and confused she must have felt. Glad you where there to help instead of some political hack from one of the parties !!!

Sue said...

That is unconscionable.


Vicki/Jake said...

WTF! Ya, this post earned the wtf. Sad thing is, this country's full of people like her...
I agree with Ron Paul's comment that we should send all the politicians to the moon! This time next year we can start griping about something else:) Great post Ames..

Annesphamily said...

Ames you are a bold woman! I hate all the cry babies who complain yet do nothing! I am so glad to see you speak out! Goodness we all know how the news went to Harlem and asked if people were voting for Obama/Palin! Ignorance is the worst! I am so tired of the mud slinging slime balls! I had my fill as a pristine youth! Working in politics they try to strong arm you into voting for their pick! I always do my homework! My late father once backed a woman off our front porch! He told her she was a poor example of a SLOVEenian for trying to strong arm me! I worked for the other candidate and she had been very good to me! Don't get me started! I get so burned up! A C K ! I think most of these politicians should go to a place like Molaki where lepers were sent ages ago! Only make it dark and cold and deary! Let them live without health care and live like the rest of the country does! UGH! My kid had to shell out almost all of his school money for health care, one thousand dollars to have their crappy state approved coverage til May 2012!!!!!! But if you are illegal by God these morans in Colorado are gonna make me pay for your Education!!!!!! And all your mamas illegitimate babies! Oh goodness I am already paying for them!!!!!
My blood is boiling!

Annesphamily said...

Now for my nice comment. Thank God above you were there to help this lady. What a sad sad country we live in. Using legal immigrants to get their back stabbing and worthless candidates in! Good for her wanting to change her mind about voting for the big "D"s! Dummies I think! Ha Ha!
I nearly forgot I know my tax dollars are providing Mrs. Obama's mother nice living quarters! Yet I see the elderly cancelling their medical appts. because they can not afford their outrageous co pays!
If you want to support Africia Go Live there Oprah!!!!!! Matt Damon and the rest of the cleelbrity garbage!
what the h e double hockey sticks!!!!!