Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Did you know?

That snakes and skunks and ((shiver)) other critters can crawl up/down your dryer vent transition hose and stack and die inside there?

Or even worse ((shiver)) inside your dryer??

Well thank goodness that wasn’t the case for us today.

The repairman came to replace the heating element and told us our vent stack was clogged. He attached a heavy duty blower to the hose in the wall and climbed up on the roof to extract the clog.

Apparently even though the stack is to code, the builder didn’t put a wire cap on the opening.

Not that it would have helped with the clog. He said the rain bounces up and wets the lint and it had created a hardened plug at the opening.

A fire waiting to happen!

Mr. Repairman also told us that rodents seek out the heat and die up/down inside, and sometimes in the dryer. If that happens, even your clothes will smell bad.

Cost to remove and clean out a dead rodent? $275.00


Not me!!  I'd be buying me a new shiny model. :)

On a serious note:  We asked how often this dryer vent/stack should be cleaned and he said about every 2 years.

So save yourself some money and your house and get yours cleaned out.

By doing so you can prevent having a dryer/house fire!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Yikes! Great information!

Nonna Beach said...

OMGosh, Ames, I had no idea. Our dryer vent is on an outside wall and about 1 foot above the foundation of the house. I'm going to put that on the Honey - Do list for my Hubs ASAP ! Thanks !

BTW, your last comment on my SC post was music to my ears, so sweet and kind of you and right back at 'ya're awesome !!!

Sue said...

Okay. That is gross!! Seriously.