Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alphabe~Thursday "J" is for......


What does that mean???????
Tommy Roe sang this hit song back in 1969.  He also sang “Dizzy” and was considered a “Bubblegum” artist in the late 60’s. Bubblegum  Ha ha! I haven’t heard that phrase in a long time.

But, this song was considered questionable and ahead of the times in the late 60’s and early 70’s.


Some people are still asking what does the phrase “Jam Up And Jelly Tight” mean?

Some believe it had sexual undertones.

Some believe it mean't “Well done!” or “Alright!”

According to Tommy, it was something his dad said when things were going well.

Jam up and jelly tight
My, my, my baby
Now you're outta sight
Jam up and jelly tight
You look a little naughty
But you're so polite
Jam up and jelly tight
You won't say you will but
There's a chance that you might

I said the first day I met you
Someday I'm gonna pet you
Now you're here and baby I love it
So come on and give me some lovin
Jam up and jelly tight
Jam up and jelly tight

You've got a sweet disposition
So come on and give me permission
For one kiss and maybe another
You'll see we were meant for each other
Jam up and jelly tight
Jam up and jelly tight


Well alrighty then……. Do you think this was a risqué song of the times?

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Annesphamily said...

Oh My Goodness Ames! I just loved Tommy Roe and all the songs he sang! I always liked this one and I suppose maybe I was naive but I like the tune! Very clever J post. Hugs Anne

Judie said...

Kids back then were probably too naive to see anything bad in those lyrics!

Bubble gum? Remember Fleer's? I haven't seen any in years, except maybe at Halloween!

Good "J" post, sister!!

beckyp said...

I have never heard of this song or that saying. interesting J post

anitamombanita said...

so seemingly innocent...but I never thought much about the words before. funny.

Nonna Beach said...

Boy, you really had to go way back...very cute post for the letter "J"!

That song is a happy, silly song, No undertones I can remember thinking or hearing from my friends at the time.

upinthecosmos said...

OMG... before I read the lyrics I was going to say that it just met to hold your fat from jiggling as you jump up... LOL. Not everyone has fat though and now that I read those lyrics, um yeah.... there's some undertones there for sure;-)

Sue said...

I remember it well.

And the undertones...


Vicki/Jake said...

I remember singing along with it, but never really questioned what I was singing....something about a sandwich? haha...I think most of us bubblegummers were like that!

Jenny said...

Wow. I never, ever thought about these lyrics before but holy moly! We started the trash lyrics way back when?

Jumpin' jesophat! Hmmm...that's not spelled right and I'm too lazy to google it for the moment!

Thanks for the eye opening jaunt back to the past!


LKeller said...

There were a couple of earlier bubblegum songs that clearly had sexual connotations ("Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy"), so when Jam Up & Jelly Tight came out I just assumed it did too. Roe couldn't really admit it or the song would have been pulled from the radio. So I figure his alternate explanation was a cover.