Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Centus #84~Spread Some Christmas Cheer

Hi all, everyone busy trying to get Christmas going over at their place? Humm? Buying gifts? Making cookies? Sending cards? 

Well Jenny has picked a perfect prompt this time, considering it's Christmastime.  I thought I could work it into my theme of remembering those that are alone this time of year. The usual 100 words plus this prompt: It doesn't have to be that way.....

now on to my contribution....


He shuffled to his mail box. There was nothing.

“Look Jim, his first year alone.”

It doesn’t have to be that way. Why don’t we make him some cookies and invite him over?” Jim asked.

Karen scurried to make a few calls.

That evening the entire neighborhood showed up at the old man’s house caroling. They brought hot chocolate, a ham dinner, all kinds of cakes and cookies, and each person brought him a card.

“What’s all this?” the old man asked.

“Every Christmas your wife made all of us goodies, and sent us cards. She never forgot us. We’d like to reciprocate.”

The old man smiled.


Don't forget to spread some cheer to those that are shut in or alone this time of the year. After all, you will be old someday, and maybe even alone too. Wouldn't you like to be remembered?
And don't forget to stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent). You can take the express lane there just by clicking on this link:

Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!~Ames


Sue said...

I like this sweet story of giving. And it feels real, too.
I hope it happens many times over this Christmas.


Judie said...

Ames, this story sounds just like something YOU would do!


Bookie said...

This is a very good story for this season! We don't have to be so busy...we catch the busys from others like the flu! HA-hA. No one at home anymore and very little shopping to do, but I still feel busy...and I do try to think of others! Have a good weekend, Ames.

bj said...

awwww, what a sweet spirit you have and it comes out in this sweet post. You did a great job using the prompt.
xo bj

Gems said...

Love this take....we need to look out for those who might need extra TLC! Especially sweet story xxx

anitamombanita said...

Wonderful take. Now THAT's the spirit of Christmas I love!

jfb57 said...

What a heart warming post that sends a message to us all about our neighbours. *puts coat on to check they are OK*

Rosalind Adam said...

That's a lovely thought and a wonderful message. I've just popped over from Jenny's blog.

Viki said...

I loved this. Very heartfelt and considerate.

Tracy said...

how lovely that the old man was helped at the season of giving

cj Schlottman said...

Ames, This is so heartwarming and optimistic. Thanks.

Merry Christmas,

Jo said...

oh geez Ames .... that was so wonderful and the message is so very important .... excellent post!

Jenny said...

Oh Ames. This was absolutely beautiful. I love this sentiment!

Such an inspiring and lovely post!

Hope your New Year is starting out sweetly!