Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Centus 75 ~Shallow Val

The air is crisp, the lights are bright, the marching band is  playing the school's theme song. The cheerleaders are encouraging the crowd; parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and friends are cheering the team on. Team doesn't get any better than this!

This week Jenny has given us a 100 word challenge and this three word pronpt: "Friday Night Football."

now on to my contribution.....


Friday Night Football? Your first date with this guy and he took you to a high school football game? That’s just sick and kind of perverted!”

“Val, you don’t understand. Jay is the sweetest guy I have ever met. He wanted to show his support for his nephew Mike.“

“Yeh right, you need to dump him Jenna!”

“Oh Valerie you just have no clue. Mike’s father was killed in Iraq and Jay wanted to be there for him.”



“Val are you crying?”

“Oh Val, I had the best time, and tonight Jay is taking me to dinner and a movie!”


Please, support the team and stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent). You won't be dissapointed. You can get there by clicking on this link:

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Sue said...

Sounds like love to me!...or at least, the beginnings of it.


Judie said...

Hey! I LIKE that guy! I'D go to a football game with him! Great story, Ames. By the way, the 25th is getting closer every dat!!! Partay!!!

Bookie said...

He sounds like a nice guy to me...thoughtful, supportive...not all FOOTBALL means the same kind of guy. Sweet take on the sport here....

Viki said...

He sounds like a keeper to me. I think this was very sweet.

anitamombanita said...


gautami tripathy said...

So sweet...!


DearHelenHartman said...

Ya got me. Right in the heart. Great story.

Nonna Beach said...

It's a guy thing alright and that guy is a keeper...touching and realistic story Ames and well done !!!

Jenny said...

Hmmm...maybe he is TOO nice!

This story really makes me wonder what might happen next.

I'm thinking perhaps he is a serial killer..but that might just be the caffeine talking!