Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Centus Week #70 ~ The Birthday Gift

Hi all, it’s time for Saturday Centus again. This week Jenny has chosen a simple prompt: “What kind of a pizza is this” and we are allowed to use a picture in addition to the 100 words.

My contribution will be short and sweet this week. Please forgive me in advance if I am kind of slow getting around to reading your entries. I am having back issues and can’t spend a whole lot of time sitting at my computer. But, I will try in earnest to make the rounds and read your wonderful entries. Have fun!
And now on to my contribution.....
The Birthday Gift


“Yes lovey why are you whispering?”

“I don’t what mom to hear.” he whispered.

“Hear what?” I asked.

“I want to make something nice for mom’s birthday. Can you help me?” he asked.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?” I asked

“This pizza!” He handed me a page torn from a magazine.

“What kind of pizza is this?” I asked

“It’s a dessert pizza, gramaw! It’s got all the kinds of fruit I like on it and doesn’t it look good! And... and instead of a birthday cake I want to make one of these for mom .... ‘cause I love her so much!” he pleaded.

Kids, you gotta love 'em. This is a true story and sometimes children are as transparent as water. I think this was more for him than his momma, although she had tears in her eyes when he carried it to the table smiling from ear to ear. 
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Sue said...

I liked it even before I found out it was a true story. Now I LOVE It!

So cute.


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Cute story Ames! Hope your back gets better soon:@)

cj Schlottman said...


This is so very sweet! I wish someone would make me a dessert pizza.

Take care of your back and get well soon.


Bookie said...

The boy had a great idea! Pizza for birthday instead of cake! Nice story and your grandson sounds like a nice kid too!

Judie said...

Ames, I adore those dessert pizzas. The boy has great taste! Feel better, sister!! xoxo

The Cello Strings said...

wholesome pizza choice, love it.

Happy Birthday. said...

That is so sweet. What a cutie and he's got great taste.
PS Feel better soon, Ames!

Bethe77 said...

This put an amazing huge smile on my face. Makes me miss my little ones so far away. Girls grown and their beautiful children growing even faster. Im sure there are precious moments like this I miss. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pizza story of love and his momma.
Hope you feel better soon.

beckyp said...

that looks really good What a sweet boy

Deb said...

What a sweetie he is and cute as can be too. I hope your back feels better soon.

Jenny said...

Awwww... Ames. This was so sweet. I loved this.

I'm sorry to hear about your back! Is it chronic or more of a temporary thing?

Sending you a hug and a healing prayer and a big heap of admiration for your mad writing skills.

Mary said...

A fruit pizza, what a great must have pleased his Mom as well as himself..great post!

Dazee Dreamer said...

And those fruit pizza's are to die for. yum-o-la

Viki said...

It looks delish. Great centus. Hope your feeling better.

Jo said...

awwwwe, what a wonderful story!!! and a fruity pizza, that sounds delish!

BECKY said...

Awwww, what a sweetie! And a child who loves fruit more than a regular cake?? Wow! Fabulous story, and of course even better because it's true. **I hope your back is better soon! I know all about those!**

Tina said...

awww this is a lovely true story. Its always the small things that are better than any big presents aren't they. how nice!

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful story, Ames. Tears in these eyes too even though I could see through his ever-so-unsubtle suggestion.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

He's so cute, and he's obviously brilliant. How clever of him to make his mom something HE wanted to eat. Great story, and that looks like my kind of pizza. laurie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How sweet...and the pizza looks yummy! I love boys...I have 4 sons and 5 grandsons! ♥