Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alphabe~Thursday “X” is for Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping refers to landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Beautiful examples of xeriscaping can be seen everywhere in the desert.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

I'll Take "Adding Insult to Injury" for $500 Alex

What is:  "When your husband eats all of your sugar free pudding cups you've hidden in the refrigerator butter keeper then tells you they weren't very good anyway."


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Centus #73 ~ Bloody~tini Anyone???

Welcome to Saturday Centus #73. Jenny has challenged us this week with a 150 word dialogue plus the prompt: "Are you seriously ordering another martini?"

And now onto my contribution.....


"Are you seriously ordering another martini?"

“Wahwah why? Arah you the alcoh…coh…birp... cohall po po?”

“No but I think you’ve had enough and you really need to go home and sleep it off.”

“Nooooh! I dough not want to go….ho...mem! I can can ant go baaackkkk!"


“There’s suh suh s o m e t h i n g creeepeee there er!!! And …and I’m sca scay erd!”

“Listen, I’ll drive you home and go through your house for you, if that will make you feel better.”

“Wreally? You wawould doo that fuh meeya?” (Sniff)

“Yeh come on.”

“Here let me get the car door for you.”

“You made it so easy for me”

“Hey you’re not drunk!”

“No but I will be after I drink your blood! Hissssss!”

“NO! Get away from meeeeee! LET ME OUT! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!”

“Pick-up bars, what a concept! Maybe tomorrow night I’ll switch it up and have Bloody Mary’s.”

Getting in the mood for Halloween
'Cause it's Fall Ya'll!
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Friday, September 23, 2011

In the right Place and at the right Time

I'm joining Diann over at  The Thrifty Groove for Thrifty Things Friday #26. This week I was in the right Place at the right Time. I stopped in Target to pick up a prescription and hit the mother of all sales.

I bought my daughter a new King Comforter set for $29.
She was excited to get it and it matches here decor perfectly!

I bought this king quilt for myself and it was only $19.96. There were no matching shams left, but I didn't let that bother me.

 and I bought this Queen quilt for my guest room for $17.00, the shams were $4.96 each.

I can't wait until Summer rolls around again. I'll be ready! Oh and  forgot to mention the three sets above are Dwell Studio. Unless you buy Dwell Studio from Target be prepared to pay "BIG BUCKS" for it!

Then I bought three twin sheet sets for my grandson's for $4.96 each.

 I think I did good!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alphabe~Thursday "W" is for Writing

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.
~William Wordsworth

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peeking at Halloween

Friday night at my grandson's High School football game there was a beautiful orange harvest moon. The air was cool and the school spirit ran high. It almost felt like Fall.

Credit: Wikipedia
(Very hard to get a pic of the moon with the stadium lights on)

 So, today I lit my Harvest candle and set out a few of my Annalee dolls to lift my spirit a little. After all Annalee's motto is "If you smile, someone else has got to smile back." My little grandaughter was just fascinated with these little guys and they made her smile....which always makes me smile!

Click picture to enlarge

Three Black Cats
(sung to the tune of three blind mice)

Three black cats, three black cats,
In black hats, in black hats,
They all jumped into the Halloween brew.
They teased the ghosts & the goblins too!
Have you ever seen such a Hullabaloo??
On Halloween, On Halloween!

Treat Mice?
Looking for Candy Corn??

A mouse Pirate?
A mouse dressed as a  Skeleton? And a mouse dressed as a Cat??
Mr. Pumpkin is back!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Centus #72

Oh my, I think Jenny has been smelling too many movie scratch and sniff cards 'cause she's really lost it this time. She's given us 32 words plus a 3 word prompt of: "In the Autumn" and she wants us to put the total  word count to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Geez Louise for God's sake somebody...anybody.... get her to a detox center, or rent her some kids for a couple of days. I think she is having grandlittle Delirium tremens aka the DT's and maybe with the Vapors on the side too!

Well here goes husband keeps asking me "What the heck are you singing in there???

Now on to my contribution......


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*I'm going to go lay down now. I will probably sing that stupid song in my head all day long. Thanks a bunch Jenny O crazy one!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alphabe~Thursday "V" is for Vintage

I love vintage things. I have a passion for old noise makers.

I used them on Halloween and New Year’s Eve when I was a child.

They bring back good memories and I love their bright and cheery graphics.

Do you collect vintage things and why?

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Centus #71~My CRS Fairy Mother

Hi all. Sometimes we all need a nudge, maybe even a full blown push to get our creative juices flowing again. In my case it was a another Centusian riding my ass uh ...  giving me encouragement to participate.

Once I saw this week's prompt: "Mother may I", I immediately thought "Well, this sucks!" 

My door or window or what ever it is that all creativity flows through just slammed shut. Scattering dust, cob webs, and few marbles everywhere.

 Now on to my contribution...


Arrrrgh! What a stupid prompt!

My brain is empty.


Who said that?

((( “Me, Judie, your CRS Fairy Mother.”)))


Fairy Mother?

(((“Yes, Jenny sent me to nudge you.”)))

(((“I know you feel bad, but writing will take your mind off things at least for a little while! Oh and put down that candy! You’ll rot your brains out. Or is it teeth? Oh dear I can’t remember sh**.”)))

Fairy Mother may I at least sleep on it?


(((“Got any wine??”)))

I’m telling Jenny.

(((“Don’t make me use my wand!”)))


Thank you Judie for the push. Remind me to never stand next to you on a cliff! LOL!

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Never Forget 9/11
The 343 Firefighters
The  Lives lost in the World Trade Center
The Lives lost in the Pentagon
And the lives lost on Flight 93

Peace to those they left behind.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm a Winner!...I'm a Winner!!...I'm a Winner!!!

It sure is fun being on the receiving end of a Giveaway! Look what I received from a drawing that Jo had over at  her blog (My Paper Playhouse)

If you haven't already done so, drop by her blog and visit a while. :)

I'm a lucky girl!
It's a Smash book, Stamp and Scarf! The picture is not the greatest...I took it with my phone. I can use this Smash book as a scrap book or as my idea book,  or for my recipe collection, or what ever I choose.

Thanks Jo! This looks fun!~Ames

Thrifty Things Friday #24

I finally managed to stop in a  local Thrift Store today while out and about. It has certainly been awhile since I could pop in and look around one. This little store had all their Fall decor out and their Halloween out too. It has really put me in the mood to decorate for Fall! 

On this stop I found some cute things for my little grandaughter.

I paid .74 cents for this sweet little dress. It will fit her this winter. I think it will look so cute on her with white tights that have the ruffles on the backside and little black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. The perfect church dress!

This adorable little outfit was $1.49. It's too big for my grandaughter but I couldn't pass it up.

And this little dress was also $1.49. For some reason I can't get the picture to rotate. It is still too big for my grandaughter but my own daughter is a pink and black kinda girl especially if there are skulls on it. I think I did good.

Oh, I almost forgot. I also picked up this game for the grandsons. They love games and it was only $1.00. My husband and I have played this game (the adult version) with our neighbors on game night and it is fun!

I spent a whopping $4.74 and saved a ton of money and made my grands feel loved!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Alphabe~Thursday "U" is for Uxoricide

Crazy letter...crazy week!

Yes folks I am headed for a melt down and it is going to get UGLY!

I am like that little tea kettle that is boiling and boiling just waiting to blow it's whistle, and when I open my mouth somebody is going to see my Uvula!

In less than 30 days I have seen 8 doctors in 8 visits in the same office and I am out of pocket $340.00 in co-pays. Seems everybody is a specialist these days, and this will be the cause of my Undoing.

What ever happened to one visit, ongoing treatment, and paying just one co-pay?? Somebody’s fixin’ to get an Ultimatum.

I am so tired that when a cashier asked me today if I get a senior discount I said “Hell Yes! Bring It!” …Even though I am not quite there yet, you better give me the damn discount just for Upsetting me by asking me such a stupid question like that! ....Can’t you see I don’t look a day Under….ummm no over 40! Yeah, 40!

My tension is mounting; to cross me right now would be Unwise!

My husband is walking on eggshells, one word he has not Uttered.

He watches an awful lot of True Crime and Unsolved Murder shows.

I think he is planning to commit Uxoricide.

I hope it’s gonna be swift. It would be swift if he owned an Uzi, but maybe a little too loud don't you think??

At the rate I am racking up out of pocket co-pays, it's looking more like cremation than services with the Undertaker.

And when I am gone, my dear husband will let his sisters, in all their Uppityness, rifle through my Underwear drawer and have a gay old time running my delicate granny panties up the flag pole down at the empty U.S. Post Office building!

I am going to take two Ultram and go to bed now.

Thanks for listening!

Whew, that felt good to get that off my chest! I needed a shoulder to Unleash my frustrations on. Don’t forget to stop by Jenny Matlock’s blog (off on my tangent) and check out other crazy stories by clicking here:

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Centus Week #70 ~ The Birthday Gift

Hi all, it’s time for Saturday Centus again. This week Jenny has chosen a simple prompt: “What kind of a pizza is this” and we are allowed to use a picture in addition to the 100 words.

My contribution will be short and sweet this week. Please forgive me in advance if I am kind of slow getting around to reading your entries. I am having back issues and can’t spend a whole lot of time sitting at my computer. But, I will try in earnest to make the rounds and read your wonderful entries. Have fun!
And now on to my contribution.....
The Birthday Gift


“Yes lovey why are you whispering?”

“I don’t what mom to hear.” he whispered.

“Hear what?” I asked.

“I want to make something nice for mom’s birthday. Can you help me?” he asked.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?” I asked

“This pizza!” He handed me a page torn from a magazine.

“What kind of pizza is this?” I asked

“It’s a dessert pizza, gramaw! It’s got all the kinds of fruit I like on it and doesn’t it look good! And... and instead of a birthday cake I want to make one of these for mom .... ‘cause I love her so much!” he pleaded.

Kids, you gotta love 'em. This is a true story and sometimes children are as transparent as water. I think this was more for him than his momma, although she had tears in her eyes when he carried it to the table smiling from ear to ear. 
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Alphabe~Thursday "T" is for Turnips and Turnip Greens

“T” is for Turnip
A turnip cannot be coaxed, squeezed, or cajoled into producing blood. All efforts at obtaining blood from this vegetable will be futile.”
~Urban Dictionary

There you have it.

You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip.

But…. us Southern folk can create pot liquor out of Turnip greens.

That’s right, pot liquor. That green juice produced from stewing the green tops of the Turnips.

Toss in a little ham hock, a ton of greens (they cook down) and season with salt and stew, stew, stew and you’ll get pot liquor.

Sop it up with a hunk of corn bread and Ooouuuweeeboy!

Liquid gold…er I mean liquid green

Nectar of the Gods

Breakfast of Champions

Good for what ails ya

Keep’s things moving

Try it sometime…you’ll like it.


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