Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Centus # 60~Perfect People Are Not Without Fault.

Hi all. It's time for another Saturday Centus! This week is a little different. Jenny has given us a "Dear John" prompt and instead of 100 words plus the prompt, she has given us a meager 60 words plus the prompt.

I wasn't sure I would participate this week. I  can honestly say I have never ever written a "Dear John" letter to anyone. Ever! I can't imagine doing such a heartless thing to someone let alone how horrible it must feel to receive one.

I do know of a couple of incidents during the Vietnam war where a couple of girls from my small home town did that very thing.

Oh it was not pretty once the word got out. It spread like wildfire. And shortly after the word got out, the girls left town. Hummm I wonder why?

now on to my contribution......

Sally and Mark grew up in a small town.
Both were straight “A” students.
Mark was the star football player; Sally was the captain of the cheerleading squad.
They were the perfect homecoming queen and king, the perfect valedictorians, the perfect fiancés, until Sally wrote a Dear John letter to Mark while he was in Vietnam.
The whole town turned against her.
Please don't forget to stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent) and check out how other's used this short prompt. You can get there by ckicking on this link:
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Bookie said...

I never wrote a Dear John letter either. How terrible it must be to get one. Now days it probably would read those very words only in a text!

irishoma said...

How sad.

Judie said...

And just where is Sally now? Does anyone know? I think we should track her down and make her pay all over again!! I have never known anyone who has written a "Dear John" letter, much less written one myself.

I did get a "Dear Jane" letter once--from a boyfriend who went away to college. Did I take it in stride? Absolutely! Because I had already started dating someone else, and just hadn't gotten around to telling him. The two got married and moved to Atlanta, our hometown. Although he had been touted as the the next brilliant physicist, he never really went anywhere, and she ended up cleaning houses to earn extra money, even though both of them graduated with honors. Not the life I ever wanted!!!

BECKY said...

The twists and turns of life....and of so many "If only(s)". Good job!

cj Schlottman said...

Good for that whole town! They should have ridden her out on a rail. My late husband and my current (sort-of) boyfriend were both in Vietnam. I cannot imagine either of them receiving such a hateful piece of mail. Great job of keeping the awareness alive.


Anna said...

When I was visiting the States a few years ago there were several tv programs about the modern US army. One of the army representatives advised the troops and their families to keep their "I-love-yous" up-to-date. Young people being sent to Iraq or Afganistan as well as their families at home, need to be honest in their relationships; to be very clear about what they mean.
I thought this was comendable that the army itself was addressing a problem that is as old as war itself.

Great 60-words!
Best wishes,
Sanna writes to John Tell-Anna's SC wk 60

Jo said...

It must just be be devastating to receive such a letter while at war ...

Nonna Beach said...

Excellent Job !

I think the easy way out by writing a letter rather than calling it quits in person is mean and now, people can do it with an email, voice message, Tweet or a text message.

Our best writing is often based on real life events, this being a great example. I wonder what happened to those girls who wrote those "Dear John" letters and the guys who received them ? cruel !

I have only written 1 "Dear John" letter titled "Blank Resign" for our SC challenge this week...thank goodness !!!

Sue said...

Boy, that one rings true. Good job!


Tgoette said...

Nice! A reality for many I'm sure, but even for those living that picture postcard existence that others can only dream of. Great way to shed some light and show that pain and suffering doesn't discriminate against the lucky few!

Dazee Dreamer said...

The witch. Ok. Sorry, but WTH. Poor guy, while in vietnam.

Great job tho. Got my blood boiling.

Purvi said...

A very unique one indeed!

Jenny said...

Why were they mad? Because she screwed his name up and wrote John instead of Mark?