Monday, June 27, 2011

If Paper Was Fat I'd Be Skinny~~er

I shredded 10 lbs of old papers today. Stuff that has been hanging around since 1984. Holy moley.

If you have ever had to clean out the entire contents of your childhood home after both of your parents have passed on, you might know what I am talking about here.

I have vowed that I will not leave such a task behind for my daughter to take care of. So I purge, and I purge, and I purge after I have purged. And guess what? I just ran across all those newspaper clippings my mother saved. How did I end up with those??

My mother saved every card, every newspaper clipping, and every cancelled check since they were married. And I think I have become my mother. Maybe even my grandmother. I was looking through my recipe book today and started to notice all these little recipe clippings from magazines and newspapers tucked here and there. That did it!

Now I have to rummage through the dark bowels of my husbands garage for the industrial strength shredder oil. The maintenance manual says to use it every 1000 pieces of paper you shred. Are they kidding me? I hit 1,000 pieces in the first 30 minutes of purging today alone.

Ok, back to shredding. I at least want to get through the year 1985 before I go to bed tonight. 

I feel like a horder.    :(

So? How long do you hold on to papers?



Bookie said...

Oh my, I have done this. It is tiresome! The more paper you have, the more you loose things in them! I keep about 5 years, but some things you have to hang on to. I do sacrafice cards,notes, and things eventually though I keep them a while.

It dishes here! Granny's tea pot, Mother in law's browns, my mother's scrambled egg bowl, my own stash of Blue Willow, and ah, tooooo many tea cups! How can I let any of that go????

upinthecosmos said...

I used to always save them but a few years ago I began shredding pretty much everything. I usually wait for the new bill to come & then shred the old... out with the old & in with the new I guess... LOL

Deb said...

Oh my gosh, I just did this at my Mom's house a couple of weekends ago. She had every piece of mail she has received in the last 8 years. I don't know how many times I called her a hoarder, LOL!

I'm a constant purger (is that a word?).

Sue said...

Too long. And you have inspired me to do some purging of my own!


JJ said...

Only as long as it takes me to write on them. My wife and I have moved 29 times for business. We travel light.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I guess it depends on what it is! But as far as the mail when it comes in we try to shred what we can when it comes! ♥ What a JOB though! ♥ It's never ending! ♥

Nonna Beach said...

Good for you Ames !

My Hubs and me are hold onto stuff way too long and our kids are staring to get edgy about it. Last time I got on a purge, I burnt out our shredder so now I save all the paper for winter and burn it in the fireplace.