Friday, April 8, 2011

Thrifty Things Friday # 2

I am participating in Thrifty Things Friday #2 over at Diann's blog (The Thrifty Groove). When you get a chance, stop in her blog and check out some really nice thrifty finds by clicking here:

I did a  quick walk through of my local SPCA today. I found these children's dishes and could not pass them up. Only the two plates and two cups for $1.50. Too bad there weren't more pieces but I feel my new granddaughter will play with them regardless. Aren't they sweet!

I also found this new unopened puzzle for my 8 year old grandson's Easter basket from grandma. Only .50 cents. You can't beat the price and he loves puzzles!~ Ames


Anonymous said...

What sweet little dishes and enough to have tea for two.
I think it is wonderful when children stil like to play with puzzles and board games and toys that make them think and learn some skills.
We used to have a jigsaw puzzle going often.

A Few Pennies said...

Darling little dishes! That puzzle will be a nice challenge for little minds. Great finds.

Bookie said...

You made some good finds! The dishes, so sweet, and you are going to love having a little girl to buy for after all those boys! Boys are fun but little girls offer special I hear, I had none.

Also thanks for all your comments lately. Folks are either doggy or not. I just get pretty hung up on the family dogs!

Have a good weekend....

Diann said...

Those dishes are adorable! And what a great find on a new puzzle! I have been picking up thirfted "new" things for our little girl's Easter Basket too. Thank you for joining me for TTF! I hope you are having a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Thrifty Grandmas = great finds!