Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Centus # 51~Sexy Love

She's done it again! That Jenny has been eating too many jelly beans and she's jacked up on sugar or something. Well this is week 51 and here's what she has given us to work with. This picture. Crazy huh? Well horny hoping toads. I am gonna have to get my groove on 'cause this guy looks sexy, yeah baby.......NOT!

and now onto my contribution....
No one ever sent Glenna flowers, no one ever noticed her, no one except Dirk.

One day a gigantic bouquet of red roses came walking through the office door. When the delivery guy set it on Glenna’s desk and winked at Glenna, everyone gasped.

Boink shukkaboing boing wah wah~ boink shukkaboing boing .

It was Dirk! (he’s the man~ he’s the man)

Boink shukkaboing boing wah wah~ boink shukkaboing boing .

The card read…

“Some bunny loves you baby!”

Boink shukkaboing boing wah wah~ boink shukkaboing boing…..

……. and it was Dirk.

Boink shukkaboing boing wah wah~ boink shukkaboing boing.
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and while you're at it....TAKE THAT BOWL OF JELLY BEANS AWAY FROM HER!!!


Anna said...

Very cute! I love your character's names "Genna" and "Dirk"!!

I think it is important what you call your characters. I am not always happy with the names of characters in some novels.

Good work!
Best wishes,

Anna's SC-51-Harvey's Place

Sue said...

And Dirk is SOME bunny.



Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Dirk sure does seem to fit, doesn't it! Happy Easter Ames:@)

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Love it!

Judie said...

Boink??? I think not. I'm still laughing, though.

Dazee Dreamer said...

hahahaha. tooo funny. said...

I love how you word things, Ames. You had me laughing at the intro. Then, there was the "Boink Shukkaboing.." Thanks for the laughs.
Happy Easter, friend.

Anna said...

April 24th, 2011
Hi Ames,
"Part two" is now ready for viewing! All you have to do is scroll down after the first part.
Use the same link:
Anna's SC-51-Harvey's Place

JJ said...

Dirk must have done something very bad to voluntarily get into that outfit. I hope you forgive him on Easter Sunday. Please e-mail me if he wears it again tomorrow!

Happy Easter.

Jo said...

oh i totally get that music! what a hoot!

cj Schlottman said...

Cool, very cool. Thanks for the great chuckle!


EG Wow said...

Too too funny!

Nonna Beach said...

Hahahahaha ! Very good job...roses would almost make up for that bunny suit !

Diann said...

LOL That was too funny

Jenny said...

Ames. OM gosh, girl! I am laughing my butt off here. You are making my stomach hurt.


This was really, really hilarious. I could hear the sound track in my mind!