Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m Fascinated with The Fascinator

 What’s that you say?

What’s a Fascinator?

Well according to Wikipedia it’s a cocktail hat of sorts.

I have always loved hats.

I wear them all the time. 

 Ball Caps .......

Sun Hats ......


...even Doo Rags.

....and Tea Hats…Yes we have teas down here in the South and I go to them on a regular basis, dahling. They are so much fun! favorite hat is the Cloche hat.

Why don’t American’s wear hats more often? They are elegant and with so much skin cancer these days they should be necessary.

Do you think older women can get away with wearing a Fascinator?


* Photo credits eBay


Sue said...

I look terrible in hats for some reason. But I LOVE them.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I wear ball caps and sun hats. I enjoyed seeing all the hats at the Royal Wedding today. hugs, Linda

Deb said...

I love hats too but I usually sport a straw cowgirl hat or a ball cap. Did you see the giant bow hat that someone was wearing at the Royal wedding? It made us laugh.

Bookie said...

I love hats. I wore them, and I collected them. But these days I wear them less as I have no right clothes and no occasions. I wish hats would come back as a routine fashion item of the day. I love 1940's hats and hats on men too.

Glad you got the books! Enjoy! said...

I don't do hats but agree they are classy. If I had to wear one of these, I'd go for the Fascinator. It looks fun. I think you could get away with it and, moreover, wear it well. (Post photos too, please).
Be well, friend.

Jingle said...


love the hats.