Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Centus #52~ The Gift of Love

Well looky's time for Saturday Centus again. Already? Where does the week go?? That Jenny, she loves to really keep us on our toes doesn't she? Well I had to put on my thinking cap for this one in order to  come up with know...a detour from the ordinary. This week's prompt is in blue "Although the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper."

and now onto my contribution.....

Jonathan knew Sheila was a gold digger from the first time he laid eyes on her. That’s why he insisted his grandfather draw up a pre-nuptial agreement. The only problem was the old man’s kidney was failing and if he died, she stood to inherit everything. If she divorced him she got nothing.

When all the family gathered that evening to celebrate, Sheila read the Anniversary card out loud.

"Although the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper...

I thought I’d give you a gift that last a lifetime, a new kidney.

May you have many happy years together.




Don't you just love a happy ending? Heh heh heh. Now why don't you see what's stiring over at Jenny's blog (off on my tangent), you can get there by clicking here:


Photo Credit: BBC1

Funeral Potatoes~Another Keeper!

I made a batch of Funeral Potatoes for supper this evening.

Don't look too close or you will see where I tasted from the corner before taking the picture. I just couldn't wait to sample this dish.

I took this recipe from Sue @ Sue's News, View's N Muse ( )

and....I made a half batch because it's just the two of us.

We love them! Oh the topping makes the dish!

Easy to make too!

and...It sort of sounds like the Cheesy Potatoes dish that Jenny Matlock's husband, Mr. Jenny, made for Easter.

Thanks Sue for sharing the recipe.

I'll be making this recipe again!


Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m Fascinated with The Fascinator

 What’s that you say?

What’s a Fascinator?

Well according to Wikipedia it’s a cocktail hat of sorts.

I have always loved hats.

I wear them all the time. 

 Ball Caps .......

Sun Hats ......


...even Doo Rags.

....and Tea Hats…Yes we have teas down here in the South and I go to them on a regular basis, dahling. They are so much fun! favorite hat is the Cloche hat.

Why don’t American’s wear hats more often? They are elegant and with so much skin cancer these days they should be necessary.

Do you think older women can get away with wearing a Fascinator?


* Photo credits eBay

I'm a Winner!!!

Yippee! I'm a winner of Claudia's Poetry Giveaway over at Claudia's Page ( ). The book I chose is titled "Gorrill's Orchard" by Jeanne E. Clark. This is something new for me. I have never been a poetry reader let alone writer, yet I find myself dabling in it and enjoying  it more and more.


And as a special treat, Claudia has slipped in this sweet little book titled "Love That Dog"


and I quote..."Since you love dogs and have four grandsons I'm going to stick in something else I think you'll appreciate. This "poem" book about a boy, dog, and poetry is one of my very favorites. Enjoy, Claudia"

I will Claudia!

Thank you so much. I can't wait to read both books.

P.S. I actually have 6 grandsons and 1 grandaughter! I am so blessed! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alphabe~Thursday "B" is for Bok Tower

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Take a Sunday drive over to the center of the State of Florida between Orlando and Tampa and you will find the beautiful Bok Tower Gardens, a jewel in the middle of my State.

What is in Bok Tower?

A carillon.

What is a carillon you may ask?

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

It’s an instrument made up of various bells connected to what looks like a keyboard and is played by someone called a carillonneur. That’s as simple as I can explain it.

To listen to the carillon playing click here:

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Bok Tower was built on one of the highest elevations in Florida, Iron Mountain, 295 above sea level.

The Gardens were designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead Jr., son of the famed Fredrick Law Olmstead who designed Central Park, the Biltmore Estate grounds, and many other notable places.

My husband and I love spending the day on the grounds of Bok Tower. One time we purchased a bag of peanuts that the Garden sells to feed the squirrels. My husband was squatting down feeding the squirrels that came right up to him and took peanuts right out of his hand. I was sitting on a bench watching him when we both noticed a big fat shiny black rat coming out from under the ferns. My husband told the rat he could have a peanut too and the rat walked right over to my husband and took the peanut right from his hand and ran back to his sanctuary under the ferns. He was hungry too!

This “B” is from my beautiful State of Florida.

Bok Tower, an enchanting place to visit!


Please stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent) and check out some fantastic stories about the letter "B" by clicking here:

Oh The Pain We Endure….

I will do most anything to keep my real choppers in my mouth, but I really hate going to the dentist.

Invariably one thing always leads to another and I always have to come back for this or need to have that done. Like my pockets are lined with gold buddy!

Last week during my routine cleaning I slipped up and said “That hurts!”

Oops what was I thinking?

They decided to take unscheduled x-rays.

Then he started with the poking around. “Hum…ah ha….”


“Ouch, what did you do that for?” I said.

Then he said “We’ll have to redo that crown and oh while we are at it we might as well do the tooth next to it.”

"Well Hell! Let's just do all of them while you are at it!" (If looks could kill.)

“You just put that new crown on 3 months ago!” I complained


“Oh alright!” he says “I won’t charge you to redo that one.”

Gee Thanks! I am thinking to myself, that's mighty generous of you!

So I am off to be tortured this morning.

I hope I don’t need another root canal.

Pardon my sassy mouth but this just SUCKS!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Centus # 51~Sexy Love

She's done it again! That Jenny has been eating too many jelly beans and she's jacked up on sugar or something. Well this is week 51 and here's what she has given us to work with. This picture. Crazy huh? Well horny hoping toads. I am gonna have to get my groove on 'cause this guy looks sexy, yeah baby.......NOT!

and now onto my contribution....
No one ever sent Glenna flowers, no one ever noticed her, no one except Dirk.

One day a gigantic bouquet of red roses came walking through the office door. When the delivery guy set it on Glenna’s desk and winked at Glenna, everyone gasped.

Boink shukkaboing boing wah wah~ boink shukkaboing boing .

It was Dirk! (he’s the man~ he’s the man)

Boink shukkaboing boing wah wah~ boink shukkaboing boing .

The card read…

“Some bunny loves you baby!”

Boink shukkaboing boing wah wah~ boink shukkaboing boing…..

……. and it was Dirk.

Boink shukkaboing boing wah wah~ boink shukkaboing boing.
Why don't you hop on over to Jenny's and check out some more crazy stories by clicking here:
and while you're at it....TAKE THAT BOWL OF JELLY BEANS AWAY FROM HER!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I have really been blessed with some fun bloggy friends and I enjoy each and everyone of you equally. You bring so much to my day with your shared pastimes, collections, ideas, recipes, humor  and stories. You make me laugh, you make me cry and you give me a ton of  encouragement and inspiration. You are the best friends a girl could ask for. Bless you all.


I also wanted to say Thank You to:

Linda from "Al La Carte." She sent my daughter the sweetest little Teddy bear outfit for our granddaughter Lily and an adorable hard to find vintage pink ceramic bootie. My daughter loves everything! She said she will make sure you get a pic of Lily wearing it, just as soon as she grows some. :)

Deb over at "Howdy from Cowtown" for the greatest Baked Potato Salad recipe ...ever! Deb posted this recipe and I decided to make it for our family reunion. I have had more emails from my family requesting the recipe so they can make it for their Easter dinner to go with their hams. I wish I had taken a pic of it but it was gone so fast! Thanks Deb it was a keeper! In case you want to try the recipe, her button is on my sidebar. Go and grab it! You won't be disappointed!

Jenny Matlock over at "off on my tangent" for the lemons and cookbook, Valspar Pink Flower paint sample, and the sweetest little child's apron and mitt for my grandaughter Lily. We are both  spoil 'em and give 'em back gwammaws. She is also my writing mentor and instills that "I think I can" attitude in me!

Thank you everyone for the joy that you give to me in more ways than one.

Happy Easter and God Bless!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Paint

My dear husband painted our guest room yesterday. Gone is the builder grade white. Hello Sherwin-Williams Meander Blue. The picture is a little crooked but you get the jest.

I actually pulled the color from my Florida Highwaymen paintings. I have three Florida Highwaymen paintings, these are the two that I have hanging in the guest room. They were painted by Sam Newton. If you have never heard of the Highwaymen paintings , here is a link for you to look at:

The one above the bed is by Sam Newton. Sam actually asked me what I wanted him to paint and I told him either the river or the beach. He brought me this painting of the river at my job, oh I guess about about 12 years ago maybe. I can't remember. Anyway, how I met him was through an ex-daughter-in-law who owned an antique shop. 

The painting below was my first Highwaymen painting. My husband bought it for me from my daughter-in-law's shop. He paid $250.00 for it back then. It's probably worth 10 times that now. It is quite large. The one hanging over the bed was the last one I bought myself directly from Sam and I paid $150.00 for it and it too is estimated to be about 10 times the original price as well.

 See here is the uniqueness about these paintings. They were painted on anything they could find. Gypsum wallboard most likely and then trimmed in baseboards or crown moulding. The paint was anything they could find, and most painted using a pallette knife. They would drive around to local business' and sell them from the trunks of their cars. Well when I first encountered a Highwaymen I didn't have extra money on hand to buy a painting from one. Back in those days it was just as hand-to-mouth for me as it was for him. With time all things change. Wages go up the longer you stay on the job, well at least it did for me, and so did the price of their paintings. They call  it appreciation. And I appreciate the talent of these men and woman, as they depict my Florida. Most people think they are guady and if they have one they reframe them. To do so takes away from it's value. I like them just as they are.

Speaking of paint. My dear friend and yours, Jenny Matlock, sent me this sample of Valspar paint. The color is Pink Flower in honor of my little grandaughter. Thank you Miss Jenny!

And speaking of flowers, here is my first Lily this year. Well, my first Lily is actually my new grandaughter, Lily. So this flower is in honor of her.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alphabe~Thursday "A" is for Alzheimer's

It's Alphabe~Thursday over at Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent). This week is the beginning of round three and we start off with the letter "A".

now on to my contribution......
Sadness takes me down a road; I cannot remember how I got there.

There is nothing special to see, this road I am on.

Pebbles and dirt so dry, it is parched and void of life and joy.

No stately trees swaying to the earth’s sweet symphony.

No birds chirping in harmony that I might recognize their glee.

No flowers stretching their stems to the sky, bursting forth with joy.

No green grass twirling with the wind, twirling and twirling ever gracefully twirling.

No breeze to touch my face, to kiss me with its coolness.

No sweetness to breathe in, that I may sample life’s perfume.

How do I get off this road, the road of unknown?

Do I go back the way I came, down this same desolate path I have already been down?

Do I have to travel through this void where I become lost again?

Do I?

How do I get back to the light and joy?

Do I turn somewhere?

Or does it come back to me in time?

I can’t remember.

Please don't forget to stop by Jenny's blog and check out some crafty stories all about the letter "A". You can get there by clicking here:

I write this because my dear old friend is starting to slip away from me. I called her with the annual Easter dinner invitation and she abruptly informed me that she never comes to my house for Easter dinner.......the picture of her sitting in the rocking chair on my front porch with all my grandsons standing around her with their smiles and Easter baskets slips down from my hand. I am sad.~Ames

Monday, April 18, 2011

International Day of Compassion in honor of Dr. Patch Adams // Bloggers Unite

International Day of Compassion in honor of Dr. Patch Adams // Bloggers Unite

Itchy Hands

My daughter’s neighbor gave them a Congratulations card with $50 in it. The card read “Why don’t you take the boy’s to the movies or buy pizza in honor of their new little sister being born

Woo Hoo! What a treat!

Gosh, I can’t get to our seats with my four grands without dropping $70.00.

So, my daughter asks me “What are you doing Friday night?”

“Uh….Uh….Nothing….. Why do you ask?”

"Because I thought you might like to baby sit the baby.” She said.

Would I!

My hands are itching to get a hold of that Suhweet baby!

Dust house? Check.

Mop floors? Check.

Toilets cleaned? (Assign to husband)

Kitchen cleaned? Check.

Okay I am ready for that baby now!

Why are my hands still itching? It isn’t Friday yet.

My mother used to drop old wives tales on me left and right. She said if your right hand itches you are about to lose money. If your left hand itches you are about to gain money.

Old wives tales....jeez...who made that stuff up?

Well? .....Which is it when both of your hands itch??

Hurry up Friday, my hands are driving me crazy!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Could Have Been Elvis......

Source: Wikipedia
While I was in the midst of texting /sending my oldest sister her special dose of “stinkin sweet cuteness” (A daily pic of my new granddaughter) she abruptly informed me…

You know, I remember very clearly the night you were born. Ginger (my #2 sister) and I were soooo excited and we asked Dad if we could name you….Elvis. For some reason they chose not to take our request. …Imagine that. I was 4 (my oldest sister Patti) and Ginger was 3.”

Well thank gooooodness my sisters weren’t in charge of naming me and my parents weren’t easily influenced!

I can’t imagine being called Elvis.

Well, Elle maybe…but not Elvis.

But Elvis didn't have red hair.

I've always disliked my red hair.

Perhaps it's the one and only time it saved me....

...... from being named ....Elvis!


I'm Feeling Beachy Winner!

Hi all! The winner of my very first giveaway is number 2 Collectin Texas Gal …..Sue!

Here’s what Sue had to say about what she loves about summer.

Summer is my favorite season! I LOVE Summer because it's not Cold! I LOVE Summer and the time spent camping and fishing with my Family! I would LOVE A Beachy Summer if I lived near the Beach, so I'd LOVE to be SignedUp for your Beach GiveAway! Congratulations on 50 Followers...I'm sooooo glad to be ONE!”

Sue please send me your mailing address and I’ll get these mailed to you right away!

Here’s what Sue won:

(1) Envirosax. I love these. I carry one in my purse always. Or you can carry them in the glove box of your car or in your brief case. They are so light weight yet durable. Here's a website if you want to check them out.

(1) Beachy Yankee candle holder with cute little flip flops around it. It just says Summer and it's the perfect size for your desk, or nightstand, or even the bathroom.

(1) Sun and Sand Yankee candle votive. I love this candle, it is so light and "Beachy" smelling.

(1) Feeling Beachy Note pad.

(1) Package of Flip Flop stickers to seal your all correspondences with just a touch of Summer. This girl never licks envelopes! :(

Thanks everyone for being my followers and entering my first giveaway! I wish I could give something to all of my followers!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Centus # 50 Sunbeams~ A Review

Welcome to another Saturday Centus. This is week 50 and Jenny Matlock, from off on my tangent, has served up yet another shake-up! She has decided that we should review one of last week’s entries. Grrrooooan!

Disclaimer: I am not an Editor nor do I portray one on TV. I am participating in this meme to have fun and have no intentions of hurting anyone’s feelings. I apologize in advance if I do, ‘cause I luv ya all!

This week I have selected Claudia’s post from week #49 to review:  Her entry is included below her link and is titled “Sunbeams”. The words highlighted in blue within my critique are prompts taken from her story and are not included in the 100 word count.


Jillian watched raindrops ramble down the window and felt as gray as the cloud-cluttered sky. Winter had been grueling with heavy snows, Ren’s cut in work hours, and the colicky baby.

Aunt Tillie would have some wit to stamp out the depression she was sure. She was always spouting things like “stitch in time”, “eggs in one basket” and such. Oh yeah, she’d say, “April showers bring May flowers”. Well, Jillian thought, I wish something would bloom in my life.

Then she noticed a purple crocus in the yard, heard laughter coming from the crib, and felt mental sunbeams.
and now….on to my review………

The author has provided us with a glimpse into Jillian’s depressed state. Ren’s cut in work hours signifies a financial stress. The picture she has painted of a long and grueling winter adds to the pent up anxiety one might feel with cabin fever that is exacerbated by the exhaustion of caring for the colicky baby.

The author clearly describes Jillian’s mood and provides the readers with examples of her thought process while trying to overcome her depression. It is then that Jillian has an epiphany when she sees the purple crocus blooming and hears the most wonderful sound of laughter coming from the crib, her mental sunbeams.

The author’s message? Not all is bleak and gloomy.


Please stop by Jenny's blog (off on my tangent) and check out some reviews of last week's stories crafted by crafty people. You can get there by clicking here:


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Feeling Beachy!

Hello friends. I'm feeling Beachy! I now have 50 followers and want to celebrate your kindness by spreading a little Florida sunshine! This is my very first giveaway  to my followers. A Thank You for your kindness and wonderful comments. So, here's the giveaway rules:

1. You must be a follower. I am not trying to drum up more followers, it's just that it would not be be fair to those who are already my followers. :)

2. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you love about summer.

That's it! It's that simple.

I tried to make the giveaway as "Unisex" as possible....because I do have some very nice male followers too! Here's what you get:

(1) Envirosax. I love these. I carry one in my purse always. Or you can carry them in the glove box of your car or in your brief case. They are so light weight yet durable. Here's a website if you want to check them out.

(1) Beachy Yankee candle holder with cute little flip flops around it. It just says Summer and it's the perfect size for your desk, or nightstand, or even the bathroom.

(1) Sun and Sand Yankee candle votive. I love this candle, it is so light and "Beachy" smelling.

(1) Feeling Beachy Note pad.

(1) Package of Flip Flop stickers to seal your all correspondences with just a touch of Summer. This girl never licks envelopes! :(

The giveaway deadline is this coming Sunday April 17th. I will randomly draw one of your names from the comments you have left, and annouce the winner of the giveaway.  You can then contact me in private with your address and I will mail your goodies to you.

I hope you will enter, 'cause I love ya all!

So what do you love about summer?


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Centus # 49~ Lack of Concern Kills Planet

Saturday seems to roll around fast. The older I get, the faster they come. I better sit up and pay attention to what's going on around me. Before you know it, Saturdays will be whizzing by me until there are none.

Was that deep? I must be in need of a nap.

This Saturday, Jenny has turned back down the road to normalcy. But I thought..."Why be normal?"

So, with that in mind, I have taken what can be construed as a normally bright and cheery saying in a  different direction. This week's prompt "April showers bring May flowers" is in bold pink.

and now on to my contribution....

“What is it? Can we eat it?” asked Ollie

“I wouldn’t.” Myron said in a matter of fact tone.

“Is it a flower?” asked Ollie

“Maybe it’s from one of those genetically enhanced seeds.” Myron looked around at the apocalyptic devastation.

“Well you know that old saying…April showers bring May flowers!” Chimed Ollie.

“I hardly think acid rain constitutes an April shower. Keep walking!” Myron grumbled.

“I’m hungry!” Ollie whined as he rubbed his concave stomach. “Where are we going? I hope it isn’t much further, my feet hurt. I wish it was 2011 again.”

“You can’t undo greed, once everything’s already gone. Keep walking!”


Don't forget to stop by and check out some very creative stories over at Jenny's blog (off on my tangent). You can cyber hop by clicking here:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thrifty Things Friday # 2

I am participating in Thrifty Things Friday #2 over at Diann's blog (The Thrifty Groove). When you get a chance, stop in her blog and check out some really nice thrifty finds by clicking here:

I did a  quick walk through of my local SPCA today. I found these children's dishes and could not pass them up. Only the two plates and two cups for $1.50. Too bad there weren't more pieces but I feel my new granddaughter will play with them regardless. Aren't they sweet!

I also found this new unopened puzzle for my 8 year old grandson's Easter basket from grandma. Only .50 cents. You can't beat the price and he loves puzzles!~ Ames

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh Really??

Last night I watched that new show called Extreme Couponing.

Well, let me just say...

Is it me or does anyone else see what I see?

I mean..well...I am not above cutting out coupons....

and redeaming the coupons....

But come on now, who needs 72 bottles of mustard?

Heck, I might...maybe just use 2 bottles... in one year. But 72?

Now don't you think that is like....ummm..... hording?

What about the rest of us poor souls? 

What if we were to make a mad dash to the store because we have run out of mustard?

Oh but wait, she did leave one bottle on the shelf.

You know, I don't think I saw very much real food among the 72 bottles of mustard, 47 boxes of  cereal and 22 bottles of Maalox.

I mean after all....she wouldn't want those 1500 plus rolls of toilet paper under her sons bed to expire now humm?


Alphabe~Thursday ~ "Z" is for Zori's

Hello all you Alphabe~Thursday fans. Well we have Zoomed to the end, and there are no more letters left. Zip, Zilch, Zero!

For this final letter I have decided to write about something I love and live in everyday down here in the south. Zori's.... Sandals....Flip Flops.

"Z" is for Zori's

Proper foot care is important to me, I receive it on a regular basis.

No fungus on my tootsies, no way Jose’!

It's important to have good looking feet, after all Summer is coming,

….and I love Zori’s,

….and there are so many cute Zori’s to wear,

….and pretty nail polish colors to wear,

….and cute toe rings wear,

…. and fun ankle bracelets to wear.

I love my Zori’s but do they love me?

I just read that they can harbor over 18,000 bacteria, especially if you wear them into a public restroom.

We wash our feet on a regular basis, but what about our shoes?

It’s time to scrub some Zori’s in hot soapy water,


Will I ever be the same?

This rant is brought to you by the letter “Z”

“Z” is for Zori’s.

Now why don't you Zip on over to Jenny's blog (off on my tangent) and check out the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's by clicking here:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hey, What's in That Cup of Coffee?

Has this ever happened to you?

My husband brings me coffee in bed every morning.

I know, I know. He’s a keeper!

Anyway, after a quick breakfast of a fried egg sandwich and an orange, I started cleaning the kitchen. I mean really cleaning.

Then my hubby stripped the bed and put fresh sheets on.

Then I started a load of sheets and jumped in the shower.

When I got out, Enya was playing on the stereo and my hubby said "The guest bathroom floor is wet."

He was getting ready to mop the master bath floor when I politely said “I haven’t quite finished in here yet.”

After he mopped the bathroom floor he did the kitchen floor.

I dusted and picked up.

Where is all this energy coming from?

I wonder if it was that new coffee I bought from Publix on a BOGO.

My housework is done for the week.

What am I going to do now?

Happy Monday!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Centus # 48~Traveling the Cosmic Highway

It's Saturday. Time for Saturday Centus #48.  In this continuum, time flies when you are having fun. Jenny has tossed us a fast ball prompt this week. It is in pink bold: Exit 181, 1/2 mile ahead. The rules are to write a story using up to 100 words in addition to the prompt. If you are curious, why don't you stop by Jenny's blog (off on my tangent) and check out where Exit 181 takes you. You might want to hold your breath while passing through cyber space. Click here to go there now:

now onto my contribution ....
Driving the convertible was exhilarating. The warmth of the sun on my head and the cool wind whipping my hair around made it easy for my mind to wander. I was free, free as a bird.

When I brought my attention back to the road, the approaching sign read Exit 181, 1/2 mile ahead. I looked down at the fuel gauge, I needed gas.

He was there waiting for me, leaning against the stop sign at the end of the off ramp. After spreading his ashes in the Vortex overlooking Sedona, I didn’t think he’d come back to me so fast.

Damn that medicine man.


The Library Geek

Hi all. I am starting a new post category titled The Library Geek. I have decided to start this ongoing post to share a few books that I have "Already Read", or that are on my "To Read" list. I will also start a stand alone page for the title and author information for you if you are interested in checking these books out of your local library or if you are looking to purchase them to add to your own library.


 The first author I want to share with you is one of my favorites, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. In 1928, Rawlings purchased a 72 acre orange grove outside of Hawthorne, Florida in a hamlet called Cross Creek. Her homestead in Cross Creek is now a Historic State Park. 
It's worth the trip there to see this quaint and peaceful place. I have been there several times and I would love to live there myself. There is a certain romanticism surrounding her life in Cross Creek, and the connection she had with her rural neighbors inspired the characters in several of her books.

If you were to pick one book to start reading, I would suggest you start with The Yearling. This was also made into a movie in 1946, starring Gregory Peck as Ezra Baxter, Jane Wyman as Ora Baxter, and Claude Jarman, Jr. as Jody. The story also takes place in the backwoods of Florida. I suggest reading the book before watching the movie.

Next I would read her books in order by date published, if you can still find them in print. I happen to own several first editions that were given to me by a friend of Rawlings, Alice Kirkland. Ms Alice used to walk with Rawlings on the beach at Cresent Beach, Florida when they both had summer cottages there.

As a side note, Marjorie stayed extensively at the Castle, a mansion turned hotel, and is now the Riplyey's Believe it or Not  Odditorium in St. Augustine, Florida. If you ever get the chance to go there, take the time to visulize the Odditorium as a hotel that she stayed in with her first husband, Charles Rawlings.  It's Moorish Revival style architecture is very opulent.

A few of her books:
Cross Creek (1942)~also as a movie
When The Whippoorwill (1940)
The Yearling (1938)~earned her the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1939
Golden Apples (1935)
South Moon Under (1933)
Jacob's Ladder (1950)
Gal Young Un (1932)
The Sojourner (1953)
The Secret River (1955)

Cross Creek~The Movie
Starring: Mary Steenburgen, Rip Torn, Peter Coyote, Alfre Woodard and Dana Hill. One of my favorite movies. You will most certainly enjoy it. If you have read the books and viewed the movies, please click on The Library Geek page just under my header and leave a comment. I'd love to know what you think.~Ames

4-14-2011: I am reposting and linking to Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent). You can get there by clicking here: