Monday, March 21, 2011

If You Had Three Days to Yourself What Would You Do?

It’s Marvelous Monday, the week anew. We are sitting on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of grandchild number 7. This morning I am enjoying my solitude and coffee and catching up on my blog reading.
 Jen over at the “Denton Sanatorium” has posted a challenge this morning and I think I can meet it. She has asked the following:

What would you do if 24 hours just suddenly landed in your lap--free of obligation, kids? Or 48 hours? What about a full three days?

What did you dream up? Would you go somewhere or just stay home? Would you clean and organize or would you sit and ponder and read and write? Would you pamper yourself with long baths and trips shopping?

Well Jen, like you I would relish my alone time.

1. There would be no expectations of meals that’s for sure. Sometimes I get so sick of always being the one person to decide what we are going to eat and cook it too. And that’s three times a day!

2. I too would have to pick up the house before I could trek off somewhere, so that would have to be a first priority.

3. I’d have to peruse my closet and purge as I straightened up, if I were going clothes shopping, for me. This allows me to see what I need to purchase that will go with everything I already have.

4. I would have a massage, followed by a brow wax and tint, a haircut and a manni and a pedi. All very luxurious things to me.

5. I’d probably have Chinese for lunch, as my husband doesn’t really care for it and I rarely get to eat it.

6. I’d grab a latte and lose myself in the book store.

7. Hit all the thrift stores within my limited 50 mile radius.

8. Take the girls for long walks.

9. Take a leisurely float in the pool.

10. Take a walk up the beach or maybe grab an ice cold Pepsi and throw a line in off the end of the dock.

11. I'd pull weeds in my flower beds. 

12. I’d start reading my Sharon Sala trilogy books.

And that would probably be spread out over the entire three days. I’m not as young as I used to be so I can’t cram everything into one day anymore. So what would you do if you had three days to yourself?

Stop by Jen’s blog (Denton Sanatorium)  and share. Come on, take the challenge!


Deb said...

That's fun! I'm with you, I wouldn't cook a darn thing. I think I would load a small suitcase in the car and drive down to the ocean. I would sit there ALONE and gaze at the ocean and read a book.

jen said...

Thanks for linking up. It's funny how we all have our lists of things we wish we could get to and never do. Now about that ice-cold Pepsi--I'm in!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Ames this was a fun thought! I am retired so I'm home all the time. My way to use these days would be to go to the beach! Walks and shelling. Books and easy food that I don't cook! The sound of the ocean makes me so happy. I'm waiting for my Grandbaby #1 in the next couple of weeks!! hugs, Linda

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Boy, do you know how to Open a Can of Thoughtful Worms! I'd pack my car with my STUFF...knitting/needleword...several projects...I get bored easily. Clothes...all I need are jeans, compfy shirts a pair of tennies and flip flops. Baked Bread, sandwich stuff, diet cokes and water. Gear...Fishin' stuff and a can of worms! Guess where I'm goin?

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

I'd turn off the computer and paint all day!
Glad that you enjoyed my sea grapes!
Have a great week!