Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bella Has a New Home

I had made a few references in a couple of comments on different blogs about how a friend of a friend had dropped a puppy off on my daughter.

When she came home one afternoon four grands were all over this puppy.

"Isn’t she sweet?" They would say with that “Can we please keep her?” look.

My daughter groaned.

They had to put their last dog, George, down. He was real sick for a long time and wasn’t responding to treatments. The entire family was grieving, especially my son-in-law. George was his.

What kind of person drops a 3 month old puppy off on a family that is still grieving?

My daughter has a big heart.

They had already named the puppy Bella.

And when she looked at my daughter she had that “Don’t you love me?” look in her eyes.

My daughter groaned.

She is giving birth to a new baby girl this week and she said “I just can’t take care of a new baby, four boys and a puppy too!”

They asked around. Times are tough. Nobody wanted Bella.

Did I say my daughter has a big heart?

She said “I refuse to take her to the pound!”

Long story short.

My son-in-law took Bella in and had all her vaccinations updated.

They have decided to keep her.

Did I tell you my daughter has a big heart?

This is Bella, my new grand-dog. She is Australian Cattle dog/Sheppard mix. Isn't she sweet? :)



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Ames~ Bella is a sweetie! Your daughter is a wonderful person! Bless her!! I hope all is well with the new baby! Keeping your family in my prayers! I think Bella's has been answered though.
hugs, Linda

La said...

Lucky Bella!

Congratulations on the pending birth of your granddaughter.

Deb said...

I bet Bella will make a fine addition to the family. What a lucky puppy.

Bookie said...

What a great looking dog! I think I would have loved her...but I feel good about where she is...Does the new baby have a name picked yet...whatever, I think she and Bella will be belles of the ball soon, very soon!

Kat said...

Oh, look at that face! How could she refuse? Congrats on the new grandbaby. Bella hit the lottery with your daughter, didn't she? Kat

Lisa H. said...

You must be very proud that your daughter has a very big heart. As Granny would say, "Her momma raised her right."

Jenny said...

Bella is beautiful...and so is her Momma...and her Grandma!

Anonymous said...

With hearts I think this saying is true: "Always room for one more?"