Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Shot of Reality

My Town
An aerial view of my town post Shuttle Launch traffic.

Everyone that lives here knows when to stay off the roads and what back roads to take if they must go out during a launch. It saddens me. Without the economic support of the Space Industry my small town has very little to keep it going. We depend on taxes and tourism for continued support. When jobs are lost, the line at the unemployment center is long, so people move on and so does their money. With the real estate market being depressed, hundreds of homes are left abandoned.

This is an additon to my previous post "Whittling Away At Our Existance"

4 comments: said...

It is a sad situation all around. I like the photo, though. Hang in there, friend. xo

Kammy said...

Hi Ames !
You live in a famous town for sure. I hope the economy doesn't get any worse....If only we all
would spend what we make, life wouldn't be so bad now.
p.s. I love your visits to my blog, you are a sweetie !

Deb said...

You're town is right on the water, isn't it? Nice. The economy is definetely sad right now...and gas prices, good grief!

cj Schlottman said...


It is so sad that small towns are drying up all over the country. I sometimes wonder if our economy will ever spring back. Your area is so beautiful, so hopefully, you'll be able to attract some tourists just for the scenic views and the beautiful water.