Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alphabe~Thursday "Y" is for Spinning Yarns and Weaving Tales

Hello friends of AlphabeThursday. We are winding down the alphabet with the letter "Y" this week.  I may be one of the very last to contribute but please  don't forget to stop by Jenny's blog (off on my tangent) and read all about the letter "Y". You can get there by clicking here:

now on to my contribution.....
Spinning Yarns and Weaving Tales

I often heard this phrase as I was growing up, mostly from my grandparents when they would read to us from a lengthy adventurous story book, or when they would make up a story of their own around the campfire.

I never grew up reading books by Dr. Seuss. Oh they were read to us in school, and frankly I always thought the stories never made any sense. Who would ever eat green eggs and ham? Nonsense just didn’t hold my attention.
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No, my stories were exciting and adventurous. My parents always brought home books like the “Best in Children's Books.” My parents or grandparents would read to us until we were old enough to read on our own. Sometimes I had the feeling that they enjoyed the stories just as much as we did. After a chapter was completed and the lights were turned out, my sister and I would discuss the stories before falling asleep and dreaming as though we were in the story.

These books were packed full of wonder. Each one had a variety of tales and we were never bored with the same stories night after night. These stories stimulated our minds; The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Daniel Boone, Robinson Crusoe, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Sir Lancelot Knight of the Round Table, Marco Polo’s Travels and many more. And best of all, at the end of every book they would take you to a new faraway place that we had never heard of like; Lets visit Yugoslavia, Lets visit Brazil, or Lets visit Indonesia and so on.
My childhood Yarns and Tales were magical, mysterious and magnificent! I think this is why I am such an avid reader. These same stories were passed down to my own daughter, and I also believe it is why my daughter and my grandsons are such voracious readers. Oh don’t get me wrong, my grand’s still play video games, but they would just as soon curl up with a book. There aren’t too many children that ask to be taken to the Library these days, and it’s a shame. Reading is a wonderful and relaxing pastime.

Read and Expand a mind!



CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Yes Yes Yes!!!! Reading to children encourages Reading Adults. HiHoney is an avid reader and spinner of yarns. I am an avid Yarn Spinner, too....just not the kind you read! Neat letter Y Post!

Jackie said...

Great post! I can imagine, just thinking bout those books gets me excited . I was surprised to hear one of my neighbours actually visits the library everyday and she loves reading . I would have never guessed . I on the hand, never do and it is unfortunate . I don't have memories of my mother reading to me but I loved reading to my children .

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This sounds great! I have never seen them before.

hip-chick said...

I read out loud out of "chapter books" from the time my children were very young. We loved walking to the library. I remember it was such a big deal when they were old enough to go to story hour and an even bigger deal when they could get a library card. When I was a child we always got books for Christmas. I still have some that are inscribed by my mum or dad.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love to read and had books like this for my children. I have lots of books ready for the next generation! hugs, Linda

Wanda Metcalf said...

Thank you for your sweet comments today. Oh I loved books when I was very young. My parents were not the read to us kind of parents. I loved library day at school. I loved stories of all kinds and still do. Take me away Calgon, well, take me away good story! One that I can pretend I am living inside of.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I always read to my kids when they were little...I now love reading to my grandkids and have so much more time to read than I ever did when my children were young.

It's one of the few perks of old age!

Judie said...

Ames, I read Dr. Seuss to my kids, but when I was young, I read what you read!!! Excellent post, Ames!!!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Loved the post. I loved reading to our kiddos when they were small. Story time with your children can be special bonding moments and I have a boat load of good memories.

I appreciate you showing a newbie some love by visiting my blog today.

From your newest follower,
Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

Deb said...

I read alot when I was a child and all through my 20's. For some reason when I met my hubby I stopped. It could be the fact that he keeps the TV on ALL the time.

Morning said...

thanks for sharing your reading hobby.
I love books, I read graphical novels rented from book stands while I was young, I also borrowed books from my relatives to read.

My kids love Dr. Seuss, it is fun word flow and the entering rhyming make reading more interesting to young kids...

Lisa H. said...

Our children always wanted to stay up past their bedtime and we let them...only if they were in bed reading!

Jenny said...

Oh, what happy memories this post brought back. I read to my kids until the oldest was in sixth grade I think. We spent hours reading...a family favorite was the "Hatchet" along with many of the ones you wrote about.

Thanks for a lovely walk down memory lane.