Monday, February 14, 2011

They just don't make 'em like this anymore!

Hi All and Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to remember your significant other, your honey, the love in your life today. Or you may have some s'plainin' to do!:)

I thought I’d share a few cards that you just don’t see any more. Yep they no longer make these puppies. I could imagine a child being arrested or sent home, if they passed out cards like this!

This one is a little intimidating. I think I’d be moving to another town.
Can you believe this is a Hallmark card??

Butcher humor. Bloody Hell! Yikes!

Ouch! Where's the fun in that! This one is just a little too domineering!

Everybody loves a little cannibal humor. Pass the salt and pepper please. Yuck!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Deb said...

Those are funny. Times have changed, haven't they? said...

These are shocking cards, Ames. Where did you find them? I'm most appalled by the suicidal one. In this day and age, that is horrifying. I knew I hated Hallmark, now I really do.

On a happier note, have a lovely time with your sweetie today. Happy Valentine's and Chocolate Day.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Good Grief...those are kinda shocking! Hope your Valentines Day has been a Happy Day!

HiHoney and I went grocery shopping and smelled the roses and the chocolates, but left them at the store. Tomorrow they may be on sale! LOL!!!

JJ said...

Have a great Valentine's Day!

Kammy said...

Those are some really funny Valentine Day cards..hee hee....Why can't they make them like
that anymore ? Hope you had a sweet day !

Anonymous said...

Oh, golly! Where did you find those? What folks will do in the name of humour.

irishoma said...

How great! You're right; they don't make 'em like that anymore!
Donna v.

Kat said...

Good grief! Can you imagine the lawsuits that would entail if these were passed out today? Times sure have changed, and not for the better. We take ourselves entirely too seriously these days! Kat

Kat said...

I meant ensue, not entail. K