Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday Centus # 42~ Best Friends Do Everything Together!

Hey all! It's Week 42 of Saturday Centus and Jenny Matlock has done it again! Do these ever get easier? This week she has given us the prompt: "I'd catch a grenade for ya." The prompt must be used intact within the story. This week the word count is back up to 100 words and does not include the 6 word prompt. If you are unsure of the craziness that goes on, please stop by Jenny's blog (off on my tangent) by clicking here:

now on to my contribution.....

“Celina sweetie, I’ve been your best friend since third grade!”

"I’ve held your hair back while you called Ralph about a Buick over the porcelain phone."

"I’ve sat on the side of the tub and held your hand while you peed on a stick."

“I’ve walked down the aisle carrying flowers and stood up as your man of honor."

"Hell sweetie, I’d catch a grenade for ya, but please don’t make me watch no screaming lump of flesh shoot out of your ..uh… coochie coo!"

"A man has to draw the line somewhere! I’ll pass out and go blind I tell ya! I just will!"



Anna said...

Did I get this right? Does this guy say that he would rather catch a grenade for this woman, than stand by her when she is giving birth to a child? (I had to read this twice.)

Wow. Does he have his priorities wrong!
He could loose his life or a hands my playing with granades. Being able to watch a new life is a gift.

Great centus! Fresh idea! The spoken language fits the prompt. I like your solution to this challenge!

Thank you for visiting my SC-post.

Best wishes,

For the benefit of other readers:
Anna's SC week 42 Maisy-Jane

cj Schlottman said...

Ames, First, thanks for reading and commenting on my post.

I love the way this piece moves along. Your concrete images, "porcelain phone" and "peed on a stick" make it very visual. (I also love Ralph and Buick).


Sue said...

This is great, Ames. HIlarious!


Kat said...

This is a hoot Ames. I loved it, the visuals are perfect. Really great use of a difficult prompt. Kat

Judie said...

OMG! This is screamingly funny, Ames!! My BFA and I have code words we use when we are at a party and one of us wants to go home. Last night the code word was "coover" which is the same as coochic coo.

Gems said...

Love husband felt the same way until I gave birth...then he was right there AND cut the cord..all without collapsing. My favorite line: "I’ve held your hair back while you called Ralph about a Buick over the porcelain phone." Hilarious!
Gems x

Nancy Jane said...

Totally cool, and so funny. Love that you have the skill to make it feel interactive. Yeah, I was sitting on the tub, carrying the flowers, etc. Now that's some gifted writing...

Nonna Beach said...

How very creative your use was of this prompt and I laughed out loud, so good !

I will give your guy character a pass on the last request of delivery room support...a line in the sand must be drawn somewhere between friends of the opposite sex !!! said...

That seems fair on his part. Great centus, Ames.

Poetic Justice said...

Ames, you always deliver! Another fresh, original idea :-) Nicely done.

Tgoette said...

Hilarious! You've captured the universal uneasiness men feel in watching childbirth. I get shivers just thinking about it! LOL! Great job as always!

Bookie said...

This was a light but so very true version of a story...nice, Ames.

jeff campbell said...

Very interesting post...gritty even...very southern...Peace and blessings

Karen S. said...

Funny stuff...very visionary, only thing I'm not sure is this a BBF from grade school or a BBF from grade school and the daddy of this baby to come?!

Jenny said...

Oh Ames. I loved this! I can totally see this dialogue happening.

I think your greatest writing strength is writing these littl scenes that we could be eavesdropping on!

You are such a wonderful writer.

I'm looking forward to you getting your work out there!