Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alphabet~Thursday- "S" Stands for Strange Facts

Welcome to another Alphabe~Thursday. This week is about the letter "S" and I thought I’d share a few Strange Facts from my life while growing up in  the South.

Spanish Moss- If you ever venture off the beaten path and drive down oak covered roads you may see Strange long grey stuff hanging from trees. It is an air-feeding plant, not a parasite, and does not live off the trees upon which it grows, nor is it harmful to the trees.  Fact: It is not is a good source of toilet paper. It is loaded with chiggers and that’s all I am going to share on the subject.

 Orange Wine- Strange- If you see a roadside stand selling Orange wine, be very careful. It is not for the faint of heart. Fact: It must age at least one year before you can drink this s**t… uh.. I mean stuff. Let me just say this… my dad made this in our garage one year. He bottled it in Coke bottles.  When it fermented it sounded like gunshots going off in the garage. We were so scared to go out in the garage for fear of losing an eye. Dad included. He waited until the exploding had stopped before sending us out to clean it up. We were stinkin’ silly from the fumes. Most Important Fact: It is highly flammable, burns the hairs out of your nose and gives you the runs. Nasty stuff!
Skunk Ape. Strange. We have a lot of strange creatures in the South. Like the ever illusive Skunk apes. I have heard they stink when they are close by. Fact: Do you think this girl would be out in the swamp at night looking for one of these? Oh H*ll No!
Spook Hill. Strange. If you happen to be in the middle of the State near Lake Wales, there’s a place called Spook Hill. It’s supposed to be a gravity defying hill where your car appears to roll up hill. Fact: It’s an optical illusion. My dad took us there when I was in elementary school. It was one of those 200 mile round trip Sunday drives with bathrooms far and few between. I have astigmatism and couldn’t figure out what the big deal was. And it wasn’t spooky at all. I thought it was stupid actually and was fascinated that so many people drive all the way over to the middle of nowhere to let their car roll down hill.

Well that’s just a few of the Strange Facts from my life growing up in the South. ~Ames

P.S. Stop by Jenny Matlock's blog (off on my tangent) and check out some more wonderful "S" stories by clicking here:


Jackie said...

Hi Ames! Wow , those strange facts just get spookier and spookier hey ... I don't know what chiggers are but I'm guessing it isn't very butt friendly . That skunk ape is very spooky indeed .

Kat said...

Sheesh. I hope Tom doesn't read this LOL. I did not know that fun fact about spanish moss and chiggers, good information! I have a picture in my mind of you all hunkered down listening to those bottles explode. Must have been a mess, but it sure made for some funny reading! Kat

Deb said...

Orange wine? Sounds like your dad made a highly toxic batch. Funny story!

I know what chiggers are and I hope you don't personally know that they live in the spanish moss, snicker.

The skunk ape thing totally freaks me out. Love this post.

H said...

Q. What have I learned from this post today?
A. If I'm stupid enough to get the runs through drinking the orange wine, at least remember to avoid using the Spanish moss as toilet paper.

Thank you for the laugh! This was hilarious!

BEAR's Mom said...

I agree with the above comment!!!
But I'd most likely get the runs if I spotted that Skunk Ape out in the woods =)
This was a fun post =)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Ames!
I enjoyed reading these truth is stranger than fiction" facts! Orange wine sounds lethal :)

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I've been to Spook Hill! It was years ago. My Dad took us all there and I didn't get what was so cool about it, but my sisters seemed to...

Orange wine....hmmmm...I'll take your advice and stay away from it..

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

OMGosh Ames....What a crack up!!! Let me tell you this one thing for sure....I do NOT SQUAT anywhere outdoors and will not be in need of Spanish moss for paper...chiggers or not!!! I'd as soon drink Orange Wine...altho, if it has the effect you described I'd probably have to Squat next to a skunk infested cactus!

Jingle said...

interesting s take.
strange yet wonderful facts.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the good chuckle. Those first two facts were just hilarious. said...

This was such a fun post, Ames. I found the orange wine bit especially funny and random.

Jenny said...

Ames! I'm so glad you got to share this super link with us on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursaday's letter "S".

The orange win is very intriquing to me...although I'm not sure if I'd actually attempt to make it now after your fun story.

You are always so super to visit!

Thank you!