Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturday Centus # 38 - The Power of Codiene

Hello to all my fellow centusians. This week is a real doozy. Wasn't sure I could drag myself out of my sick bed to participate, but then I had this weird Codeine induced dream and thought, this would fit right in with this week's prompt: "Beam me up Scottie" 

I wonder what everyone else came up with? You can check out some creative writing by going to Jenny Matlock's blog "off on my tangent" by clicking here:

and now my drug induced contribution.....

Oh I can’t take this much longer. Arrrgh! What idiot came up with the idea that an elderly woman should sing Ave Maria in soprano at a funeral service? My head is spinning oh my God, "Beam me up Scottie!"

Wah zir verrrrip zir wah zing!

"What the heck? Where am I?"

As I looked around, two thirds of the people that were attending the service with me were also sitting with me in some kind of space ship room.

"Wow! I’ve heard of the power of prayer before but…..but….be careful for what you wish for!"

"Jeeze what the heck? Is that a Tribble?"

~Ames :)


Bookie said...

Sorry to hear you had to get of a sick bed!!!
But you did a good job with this crazy prompt even if it was Codeine at the back of creativity! Ah, I think many famous writers were under the influence of something....ha,ha.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

That just goes to show the creations that come from a mixture of codeine, sickness, and your creative mind. This is very fun, Ames. "The power of prayer" can be an awesome thing. Great music link too.

PS Come over for my latest post. It WILL make you laugh. I took the bottom picture just for you! Feel better. xo

Terra said...

Seriously...I love this - she actually got beamed up! Way to go...sorry you are sick though..so much of that going around. hang in there

Kat said...

Hope you feel better soon. But being sick didn't stifle your creativity! I enjoyed this alot, be careful what you wish for indeed! Fun take on the prompt. Kat

JJ said...

Be well, Ames.

Ames said...

Thanks All.Twice in two months is no fun.I'm so ready for Spring to get here!!!~Ames

Nancy Jane said...

The codeine worked so well for you, I think I may have to give it a try if I'm stuck this week!
Used to work at funerals at our church. There were times I felt this way. Loved it!

Viki said...

Yep, it must be the codeine LOL. Very clever and funny. Hope your feeling better.

Anonymous said...

The power of prayer; liked it.
Get well soon. :)

Jenny said...

OK, even on codeine you can rock these prompts!

I really hope you start feeling better one of these days.

In the meantime, though, take small comfort from the fact that you write better on codeine than most of us do stone cold sober!

Thanks for linking.