Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saturday Centus #35~A New Beginning

Happy New Year! The first day of a New Year and it's Saturday! Time for Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. This is a themed writing meme. You can use UP to 100 words to tell your story. The prompt does not count for your 100 words AND it must be left intact in the body of your story. No illustrations are permitted. Your story can be fact or fiction. This weeks prompt is in bold: "her crumpled up list of resolutions"
If you haven't already done so, please stop by Jenny's blog and check out some pretty talented and creative writing by clicking here:

Now on to my contribution.....

Married to a man who only saw her as his care giver, Addy never felt loved. She would dream of changes, and with every New Year came a sense of renewed hope. "Maybe this year?" she’d pray.

Startled by the sound of fireworks announcing the dawn of yet another year, Addy’s daughter, Patience, looks down at her mother and is mesmerized by a white ghost like mist floating from Addy up to the heavens.

Out of nowhere a wad of paper falls down onto the bed. Patience recognizes Addy’s handwriting, it was her crumpled up list of resolutions, and on it were the words “Start a new life.”



Kat said...

What an original take on the prompt! I liked this alot, hopefully you will continue the story. Kat

jeff campbell said...

And start one she did! Very crafty writing...I like ;-) Peace and blessings

Viki said...

Oh yeah, I think this would make a great longer story. This was very intriguing. Good job.

cj Schlottman said...

Start a new life. We just have to do that every now and then, don't we? Your prose is beautiful.


Susannah said...

I really enjoyed this. Well crafted and a wonderful use of the prompt. Well done. :-)

Sue said...

Wow. Really interesting take on the prompt.

Well done!


Koby said...

I agree with Kat..original! Great job!

Tgoette said...

Very cool Centus! Loved it!

Anna said...

I had to read this twice to make sure that I understood what was happening. Very strong story. I agree with some of the other commenters, that maybe you should try to write more and see where it goes. Your characters live and breath for me in just these short 100 words!
Best wishes,
Anna's SC#35

Anna said...

Thank you for your kind words on my SC-post. As you see, I am even more behind in my commenting than you were. I have to go back a couple more weeks to catch up with Saturday Centus and then I will take a look at what I may have missed for Alphabe-Thursday.
Take care!
For the benefit of other readers:
Anna's SC#35

Jenny said...

You are an incredible story teller. I love your writing. I know that 2011 is going to be your year to start wrapping up thatn ovel you're writing.

And I will be first in line to buy it when a publisher grabs it!

Bookie said...

Start a new life...the real hope every new year for many. I have been there too before...I hope she makes it.