Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Girls

When I think about rogue gators around our home I shiver at the thought of losing my girls. They are too sweet and such dear companions to lose.


A passel of pups.

Those Ears!



I just love her ears!

Such a happy face. I just love her little legs and paws.


Always together.


Mary said...

Those EARS!! Love the pics of them in the laundry basket...I could never corral mine to stay in long enough to snap a photo :-)

Gattina said...

I love these huge eyes ! they are such cute mini dogs !

JJ said...

Ames: Protect those beautiful babies!

paige said...

Oh, my, they are BEAUTIFUL. I love them a little myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

We share somethings in common. Antiques, chihuahuas, and living in the south (AL). Love your blog & your chi chi's are adorable. Visit me at my blog to see my furry little friends.
http://thecrankyqueen.blogspot.com Thanx, Tiff