Monday, November 29, 2010

My Christmas Hutch

Pfaltzgraff Ruby Red and Winterberry
Now my kitchen feels like Christmas!

This little guy is special. He was made the year my oldest grandson was born. 1994

I love Cardinals!

These sparkle trees are from Home Interiors.

And this little vintage blow mold was purchase for $2.00.

This tureen was a thrift store find.

And so was the small tureen on the left.

As well as the 2 large white platters.

We usually set out a Christmas eve spread in the kitchen. I am so glad this is all decorated. One less thing to fuss with!

Well that was my Holiday redo on my china cabinet and my hutch. I need a nap now!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday Centus #30~My Gemini Horoscope

This week Jenny Matlock has put a twist in her Saturday Centus. We must randomly pick a horoscope and write a 100 word short story about the kind of day that horoscope predicts. If you haven't already done so, please stop by her blog and check out some great stories written by some pretty talented people here:

I chose my horoscope out of our local free “throw out” newspaper. I don’t subscribe to any papers as I already pay through the nose for an HD bundle. This HD bundle includes lightning fast internet (Ha Ha yeh right!), HD television (with a mega remote that I don’t know how to use and I actually think the picture sucks!), and a phone service with free long distance (which doesn’t work when there is NO power! Do you think they could have told us that up front??) The hubs said “We gotta have it!!” So we have it! So who needs a stinkin’ newspaper paper when I can get all that stuff for $180 bucks!!

Now onto my horoscope prompt which is taken from that little free throw out paper we like to call the Mullet wrapper (cause that’s about all it’s good for):

"Focus on what makes you happy. If your heart isn’t in it don’t do it. If you have to do distasteful things learn to love them or don’t do them. Like attracts like in the universe. What we sow we reap back multiplied. Don’t forget this. For this to work you must be following your heart, not your head. Do this and be happy."

So now I pick the kind of day that horoscope predicts and here it is….Oh I forgot to tell you that my evil Gemini twin wrote this.

Today is “Black Friday.” I roll on my side and the first thing I see when I open my eyes is the dog’s butt in my face.

“Need coffee now!”

Fast forward. Bed made, laundry going, lunch made and I’m out the door to tackle the crowd. I have a list. I’m on a mission.

Hubby calls at 5:30 and wants to know how I am doing. He’s not fooling me. I know he is just hungry.

Fast forward. It’s 8:30 pm I purchased two stinkin’ gifts. What was I thinking? I guess I wasn’t following my heart. Stupid horoscope!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Mix It Up" for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Remember earlier I said I was going to use different patterns to create my Thanksgiving table this year? Well here it is! I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I alternated the mustard, green, and rust place settings and I really like the look! See!! You can mix and match and still have a nice tablescape!

This is my center piece a local Florist Shop made for me this year. The ceramic pumpkins came from the Dollar Tree.

These are my Metlox Poppy Spiral candle stick holders. I just love them. They are old, but very versatile. Just change out the candle and they go with everything!

The 4 rust colored dinner plates were found at a thrift store. I purchased 4 of these salad plates from Walmart. I've had the napkin rings so long I can't remember where I got them from (probably WalMart). The napkins are from Target. The crystal goblets are Shannon by Godinger, the pattern is Milano. The flatware is Onieda. Tablecloth is Turning Leaf by Vera.

I purchased 4 of these mustard colored plates from Pier 1.
I purchased 4 of these green dinner plates and 4 of the Rooster salad plates off eBay. I just love the shape of the dinner plates. The napkin rings are from J.C. Penney. They were  on clearance 2 years ago.


I hope all your loved ones will come to the table and celebrate Thanksgiving with you. Remember to share your abundance with those less fortunate, and give glory to God for all things!
Blessings to all!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Collecting Jadite

I started collecting Jadite back in the 80's when it was pasted all over Martha Stewart's kitchen. Since moving, I have downed sized and sold or gave away quite a bit of it. Here's what's left. I occasionally look for the odd piece now and again. I thought I'd add some fall colors in with it to make the Jadite  color stand out.

Grill plates. I only have three of these and a set if Swirl mixing bowls.

The large measuring bowl and range Salt & Pepper shakers. Those are Restaurant ware salad plates in the background. I got rid of the Jane Ray pattern I had been collecting and decided to only collect the Restaurant ware. I like the feel of it. It's heavier and has more substance to it compared to the more delicate Jane Ray pattern. The little pumpkin salt-n-pepper shakers are from the Dollar Tree.

This is one of two Art Deco vases I have left.

My Bon Bon bowl on the right and my vary rare find, a Jadite meat grinder.

Remember these? They were from my Thrifty finds. The plate was $0.50 and the Tuscan compote was $1.99. I threw them in for a pop of color.


This weekend I will be decorating my hutch for Christmas. I guess that makes me a bored housewife huh??

Happy Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Centus #29 ~A Savory Meeting

I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. This is a themed writing meme. You can use UP to 100 words to tell your story. The prompt does not count for your 100 words AND it must be left intact in the body of your story. No illustrations are permitted. Your story can be fact or fiction. This week’s prompt is in bold: “Pardon me,” said Tom T. Urkee.

If you haven't already done so, please stop by her blog and read some of the creative entries by going here:


“Pardon me," said Tom T. Urkee.

“Aren’t you Virginia H. Amm, great granddaughter of “The” Smithfield H. Amm?

Virginia spiraled around. “Why yes I am!”

“Allow me to introduce my wife, Letteese Ann Tomato.”

“Letteese opted to keep her maiden name. She came from a long variety of Tomatoes. Her great grandfather was the great “Beefsteak” Tomato. I do believe your great grandfather paired up with him back in 1621."

“We were just on our way to an after party at a new place called Club Sand Witch. Care to join us?”

“Do you mind if my friends May Onaise and Frenchez Mustard come along too?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thrifty Finds

This week I am participating in a little Linky party called Junkin Finds. It's being hosted by Linda over at her A LA CARTE blog . You'll be amazed at some of the nice thrifty things that friends can find while out and about. You can check them out here:

You can click on this picture to enlarge it.

Christmas poppers from Lilian Vernon $3.00. These will look great on my Christmas table!

Small scrapbook, appears to be unused $1.99. Perfect for our latest trip to Walton's Mountain! This particular one is $9.99 at Target.

A Pooh book for my new little granddaughter (to be here soon). $.39 cents.

Another yellow doily. $.50 cents. I guess you can tell I like yellow.

A vintage beaded orange and 4 new green napkins. I purchased these in an antique store in Amelia Island. The napkins are hem stitched and were $1.97 each. The orange was $8.00. A little expensive but the orange is really heavy and I have been looking for beaded fruit without the sequins. And this one doesn't have any sequins!

You can click on this picture to enlarge it.

I found these little gems at an estate sale here in my neighborhood.

The green Fire King vase was $1.00. This makes my third green piece. Now I am a collector of green FireKing. I still collect the red and the Jadite too!

The sweet little honey pot was $1.00

And I saved the best for last. A pair of white milk glass spiral taper candle holders made by Westmoreland. Shown in the first picture. I put the black tapers from Halloween in them so you can see how they look. I just love them! They match my milk glass fruit bowl and they were only $9.99 for the pair. I have seen higher prices for them so I feel I did well.
About Thrifting
  • I have noticed recently that the prices are really going up at the SPCA Thrift store and The Goodwill retail store in my area. I like to donate and shop at the SPCA because I am all for helping out the animals, but I hesitate to buy anything now unless it's really a bargain. So do your homework first before you go and know what the going price is for something. Let the clerks know that you can buy it new for the same price. They won't change the way they price items unless you bring it to their attention.  
  • Another thing I have noticed that The SPCA and Salvation Army do, but not Goodwill,  is that they  mark on things with indelible ink, like Sharpies. It is very hard to get off and sometimes I won't buy the item if I don't think I can get it off. Bring this to the attention of the clerks that work there. That is the only way you will get them to stop doing this.
Happy Hunting!

Grandma's Bragging Rights!

My awesome and talented grandson, and I have 6 awesome grandsons, is the Florida Winner for the 2009~2010 Federal Jr. Duck Stamp!

~Yay!  Way to Go!~

Grandma keeps a well stocked craft bin at her house, in hopes of encouraging her grandchildren to be artistic. I think it has paid off! Don't you?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alphabe~Thursday "I" is for Ipanema

I am linking to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe~Thursday. This week is about the letter "I".  If you haven't already done so, you can stop by Jenny's blog and read some fun and creative stories here:

“I” is for Ipanema
Ipanema is a neighborhood in the southern region of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It is the birth place of Bossa Nova and the beach at Ipanema was made famous after the song “Girl from Ipanema” was written by residents Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes as an ode to their neighborhood.
The version I grew up listening to was by Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz.

And there’s a versions for all the boys out there too!

I have always loved this song and wondered where Ipanema was. The name Ipanema means bad water. Just look at that water. Doesn’t look bad to me! Actually the term “bad water” refers to poor fishing. Who cares! I wouldn’t be going there for the fishing anyway!

Lord have mercy! If I were 30 years younger and had a figure to boot, I’d be sashaying it down Ipanema beach too! Why I can just see myself lounging in a cabana, being waited on by a cabana boy..zzz..Cabannnnna boy...ZZZZZZ...

"Hon. HON!!! We're out of toilet paper again!!"

Okiedokie. Sometimes reality sucks! Gotta go. My cabana boy needs me. :-(


This daydream was brought to you by the letter “I”.

Photo credit: Jeff Belmonte/Wikipedia

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Depending on which way you go, I live between 25 and 40 miles from any shopping. This past Sunday, a friend I hadn't seen since last year called and asked me to go to a movie with her. We decided that we would go to Hobby Lobby first and then go to see "Life As We Know It".

Now when you have to drive 45 miles to go shopping at the nearest Hobby Lobby, it really stinks when you get there and find out they aren't open on Sundays. Add to that a  40% off coupon burning a whole in your purse , kinda puts you in a b***hy mood!

Good thing the Dollar Tree next door to it was open! I probably spent less there than I would have at Hobby Lobby. Bad thing is they sell candy for a buck! I'd forgotten that my friend has a sweet tooth and boy did she load up on the candy. 

Ok here's the part were I hang my diet guilt ridden head in shame. We sat in the car and sampled the various kinds of candy she had purchased and giggled and ate, and traded comments about the Whoppers, and The Goetze's caramels, and the Good and Plenty and, and.... "OH MY GOD!" I stopped chewing. "I am supposed to be on a diet!!"

I opened the dash and tried to search for a napkin to spit it out the gob of caramel in my mouth, but for some reason my automatic reflex kicked in and I swallowed the remainder of the candy I was chewing, no make that gorging my self on.

So it is with great shame that I cleaned out my purse late last night to get rid of the evidence so my hubby wouldn't find out! They say confession is good for the soul. That's why I'm telling you...and not him! (Hee hee!)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Centus # 28 ~ Mr. Sunshine

I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. This is a themed writing meme. You can use UP to 100 words to tell your story. The prompt does not count for your 100 words AND it must be left intact in the body of your story. No illustrations are permitted. Your story can be fact or fiction. This weeks prompt is in bold: "The early November sunshine cast golden rays"

If you haven't already done so, please stop by her blog and read some of the creative entries by going here:

Mr. Sunshine

Every morning you will find her there. The early November sunshine cast golden rays across her body. In this one spot, her spot, with eyes closed her breath is slow and relaxed, her face lifted towards the sun. Her red hair kissed by the sun, glowing a warm shade of amber. She relishes the moment. No other place has ever made her feel this way. It is why she comes. Day after day, nothing can distract her from this moment, this place, and this time.

“Baby? Do you want a cookie?”



She opens her eyes and grunts as she rolls over to get up.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alphabe~Thursday "H" is for Hankerin

I am linking to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe~Thursday. This week is about the letter "H". If you haven't already done so, you can stop by Jenny's blog and read some fun and creative stories here:


Since I have been on a diet, I have had a hankerin’ for food. Real food. Not the kind of food that is prepackaged for your daily caloric intake food. Not the kind of food that tastes worse than eating the box it came in, which I am relegated to eating on this diet.

I’ve got a hankerin’ for real home cooked Food! Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Green beans seasoned with bacon, corn bread slathered with sweet cream butter and sweet tea (the house wine of the south).…oh I’m dying here! My husband made Roast chicken, scalloped potatoes and asparagus this evening for his supper. Why I oughta #$@^@!!

Hankerin’- want, desire, craving. Best if used in Southern states.

Used in a sentence: “Hey Ames jeweat? Nawdjew? Got me a hankerin’ fer some real food!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Walton's Mountain


This past weekend I wanted to see my older sister and was itching to see some spectacular fall color. A lot of you live where you have seasonal changes. Mostly here in sunny Florida we have green spring, green summer and green winter, sans the snow, but no fall.

One year my husband took me on a driving trip. One of our stops was in upstate New York to visit a childhood friend who was transplanted there. This was when I got my first glimpse of fall. Pumpkins decorated front lawns, leaves the size of dinner plates in bright red, orange and yellow covered streets and lawns, and the atmosphere was charged with fall festivals, hay rides, and corn mazes. So much fun!

I wanted to experience that feeling again. So I bugged my sister every other day by phone.

”Have the leaves turned yet?”

“What do the leaves look like now?”

“If I come this weekend will they be ready?

“What? Yeh, yeh, I am coming to see you, but I don’t want to miss the leaves!!!” She didn’t understand. She hasn’t lived in Florida for some time now and was already “acclimated.”

To me it’s like that line in the move The Color Purple, “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice”, and I feel the same way about fall!

Well she must have been annoyed with me because she said “Come this weekend. We will have our first hard freeze and it will be just beautiful! “


Well, I was a little disappointed. Some trees were beautiful, that is the one’s I could see from the back seat of our SUV while my husband was speeding down the road. My sister and I were in the back seat and my husband and brother-in-law were in the front seat. By the time my husband said “oooh look at that one!” it had already shot past me. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not a contortionist. I cannot twist my neck like Linda Blair in the “Exorcist”! Buggers!

So I did a little back seat nagging. Ok I did a lot of back seat nagging! This was beginning to smell like a conspiracy. My sister wanted me to come and see HER and NOT the leaves, and my husband was annoyed for driving me there so he was going to do so as fast as he could in order to get back to his easy chair. Ok well maybe not. When you are mad, you can imagine things

I actually took these pictures when we stopped for gas.

Then we were lost. My husband not knowing where he is going (and he never reads signs) got us lost. My sister had out her map book. She would say turn here and then say “woops” after we were five miles down the road. My sister said “Think of it has an adventure!” I said listen, I watch a lot of “Criminal Minds” and I see what happens to people who get lost on desolate roads where there are no street lights, signs or lines on the roads. By the way, Virginia had a lot of roads with no lines, no signs and there are No street lights!! It started to get comical when my sister and I started calling my hubs the Skipper and our car the “SS Minnow”. We were singing the theme to Gilligan’s Island and we were on a “Three Hour Tour”. Oh well, you had to be there.

Eventually, we ended up in a little town called Schuyler, Virginia. It was the home of Earl Hamner Jr. He wrote and produced a 1970’s television show called “The Walton’s”. He wrote about the life and times of his own family “The Hamner’s” but changed the name to the “Walton’s”. Do you remember that TV show? Our family watched every episode. It was good wholesome TV programming, unlike some of today’s shows.

Anyway, we toured the “Walton’s Mountain Museum” where I took pictures of the recreated TV living room, kitchen, John-Boys bedroom, and Ike Godsey’s General Store. And while I was there I bought the “Baldwin Sisters Recipe.” Remember those two little coy so called teatotallers?

It was nice to step back in time. Afterwards we had a lovely picnic outside on top of Walton’s Mountain. My sister and I packed meatloaf for sandwiches, chips, big red seedless grapes and ice cold root beer. It was lovely and all was not lost!
I did a little "drive-by" shooting and here is what I captured.


At least the girls had a road trip. Pictured here in their new Red stroller.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I thought I'd participate in a little Linky party called Junkin Finds this week. It's being hosted by Linda over at her A LA CARTE blog . You'll be amazed at some of the nice thrifty things that friends can find while out and about. You can check them out here:   


                               My Thrifty Finds

This past weekend I went to a few garage sales in my neighborhood. Some of the things I bought were mostly for the grandchildren.  One book in particular I already gave to my 8 year old grandson in hopes that he will find inspiration in it's pages. So I don't have it to show you. The book is titled "Pigsty". He asked me what that meant. I explained to him that his room was beginning to look like a Pigsty. So he was last seen with his nose in his new book as he was getting into my daughter's van. Let's hope he gets the hint! :-)

Some of my other Thrifty Finds for this week are listed here.

Fiesta Plate ~ $1.00
Fall Floral Plate ~ .50 cents
4 Green napkins for St. Patrick's Day~$2.00
10 Ivory Damask Napkins $5.00 ~ Excellent condition
Yellow and White doily~.69 cents
Wooden egg ~.20 cents. I like eggs. They go so well with my Roosters and Hens.
 And lastly a very heavy Fall colored Tuscan compote~$1.99

Well I know it doesn't look like much but I have a use for everything I've  purchased and I'm very pleased. I'm off to see the beautiful leaves in Virginia now. My sister has just informed me that they are at peak.

Happy Hunting!~Ames

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alphabe~Thursday "G" is for GRITS

I am linking to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe~Thursday. This week is about the letter "G".

If you haven't already done so, you can stop by Jenny's blog and read some fun stories here:

"G" is for GRITS

Some of you may be thinking this post is about grits. You know the kind you boil in water, slather in butter, season with salt and pepper? Mm! Mm! Good! Oh yeah I eat them. And I love them! I even fry them up like fritters for dinner or breakfast the next day if there are any leftovers. They are grrrreat! The first time I cooked them for my husband he tried to put butter, sugar and milk on them. Such a Yankee.

But No, I’m talking about Girl Raised in the South (G.R.I.T.S.) I am truly a girl raised in the south. I am what you would call “Bona fide.” I was born here, raised here, gave birth here, and I’ll probably die here too!

I live in a small town. The house I grew up in didn’t have air conditioning. Most homes had jalousie windows that allowed for the most spectacular breezes, along with the mosquitoes too. My Jr. High school didn’t have air conditioning either. But the main thing I hated about jalousie windows was having to clean them, one at a time. It was a good chore for punishment!

Our family existed on a lot of wild game or seafood that my father brought home. I have eaten some pretty weird and wild stuff. Like:

Alligator. It’s actually quite tasty when fried.
Armadillo.  I ate this with yellow rice. Not something I’m quite proud of. But hey, how many people can say they ate one of those ugly suckers?
Wild Hog. One Christmas, when I was a little girl, my dad brought home a wild baby piglet in a burlap sack. He said the momma had been killed. When my father opened the sack, that baby pig hightailed it under our bed. Squealing and slipping and sliding on our 1950”s asbestos tile floor my mom kept polished with good ole caustic (when heated) paste wax. I guess it must have been entertaining to our father to see four little butts sticking out from under the bed while trying to catch a squealing piglet. We didn’t get to keep him.

Swamp cabbage. Basically it’s just Cole slaw made from the hearts of cabbage palms. Very delicious with fried Mullet. Yum-O! Florida even has a Swamp Cabbage Festival in La Belle Florida, and Swamp Cabbage Wrestling during Bike Week in Daytona. So I’m told. I’ve never been to either. Hey I’m not Rita the Redneck ya know! I just eat the stuff!
Cattails. I remember my dad cutting them when they were green and boiling them. He served them to us with butter (a southern staple) and salt and pepper. You know I once ate a whole stick of butter when I was a kid. I wonder why I did that.

Elderberries. Mom made a lot of Elderberry jam and wine. I don’t care for either. It has a…..funky taste. And believe me I know FUNKY
My sister ate some Possum (Opossum) once when dad was cooking it for his hunting dogs. Eewaaah! She even ate squirrel brains. I guess they are called sweet breads today, but these lips will never touch them. Shiver!! I don't eat weird stuff. Well, maybe I did in the past but I don't now! Honestly. I don't! 
My dad read a lot of Euell Gibbons. Gibbons was an authority on wild edible plants. Now I’m thinking maybe my dad used us as his guinea pigs? What the hay, I slept in a crib painted with lead based paint and drank from our garden hose, so what's the harm in feeding your child unknown plant stuff? :O
We grew a lot of edible stuff of our own and raised a few animals too. One in particular was a mean Shetland pony named Traveler. He came by that name honestly too. He bit and ran away at the drop of a hat. Little s**t!

One Easter Dad bought each of us girls a colored baby chick, a fad in the 50’s. Little did we know he would serve them to us on a platter one Sunday for dinner? Four crying little girls and one pissed off Mamaw. Our Mamaw Lena laid into mom and dad both for killing our pets and none of us ate fried chicken that Sunday!

When our little town turned 100 years old, all the men in town grew beards. Men, women and children dressed up in period clothes and celebrated the Centennial with a big parade. It was a big to do. Now that was community pride. Why everybody who was anybody was there!

But then things change. I'm not so crazy anymore about that word “Change”. I can look back and remember our friends losing their homes when the government pulled Eminent Domain to build Kennedy Space Center. Many people didn’t get near what their businesses, homes or land was worth. Entire communities were wiped out. All that is left are a couple of cemeteries and a few signs indicating where the communities used to be.

That change brought memories of playing in my the back yard and looking up to see unmanned rockets launch and fall back to earth and even explode when the Space program was just taking off. Now, I can look up and see the Space Station float through the sky at night or look across the river and watch Shuttle launches. As a matter of fact one is going up this evening. You have to be here to experience the rumbling of your china and windows when launches leave our atmosphere.

Change does bring about change, and all things come to an end, like this story and the Space Program. Perhaps what’s left of my little town will end as well. But this “Bona fide” Girl Raised in the South will still be here.

Photographs credits: G.Bortle