Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Old Lovelies

I love collecting old vintage ornaments. They hold many memories for me. Christmas trees should hold memories and that's why these old lovelies come home with me.

 Silent Night ornaments have always been a favorite. We had one on our tree when I was a little girl. The four of us girls would lay around the tree on Christmas eve and vote on the favorite ornaments. It was always the Silent Night ornament and the manger ornament. I had them for years, and gave them both to my daughter. They are now her favorites too.

 Old Shiny Brite ornaments find a new home here.
 I love an ornament that tells a story. This one reminds me of my daughter skating. She wanted to skate with the rest of the children but we knew she didn't know how considering she was born and raised in Florida. We let her go out on the ice rink anyway and to our amazement, she took off like she had skated all her life! I'll never forget the joy on her face.
 An old feather tree ornament. Someday I'll find a real feather tree and give this little fellow a proper home.

 Another old Shiny Brite.
 Merry Christmas! People don't say that anymore. I can remember saying that in lieu of goodbye.
 I even buy some ornaments because they look old.

This pretty little ornament was a K-Mart ornament. I bought four and gave my daughter three.
I can remember buying ornaments for my Christmas tree back in the early 70's. They had peace signs on them. Haven't seen any of those around yet. Well, that is not all of my vintage ornaments. Just all that I was able to pull down from the attic by myself. Maybe next year I'll have a real tree again and can put the rest of my old lovelies on my tree.

Do you have any old ornaments to share?


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Merry Christmas, Ames! I love saying that this time of the year, and find that lots of others do too! It's such fun getting out ornaments that have special memories. Yours are all so pretty and I love that they are vintage and have found a tree where they are appreciated. I've collected the Victorian Beaded ornaments for years and made a few, too. I'm showing some of my shiny ones for Mosaic Monday. Hope your Holidays are Merry! said...

I agree. Ornaments should carry special memories. As a kid, I made shrinky dink ornaments for my friends. Do you remember shrinky dinks? That was great fun.
Merry Christmas, Ames.

Annie S said...

Oh, how lovely! Merry Christmas!

Betty said...

Mom found that Silent Night ornament at an estate sale this year, along with a blue one that has "Merry Christmas" on it. I always seem to be right behind the lady who grabs all the vintage ornaments. Thanks for showing the pretties. Merry Christmas!