Monday, November 22, 2010

Collecting Jadite

I started collecting Jadite back in the 80's when it was pasted all over Martha Stewart's kitchen. Since moving, I have downed sized and sold or gave away quite a bit of it. Here's what's left. I occasionally look for the odd piece now and again. I thought I'd add some fall colors in with it to make the Jadite  color stand out.

Grill plates. I only have three of these and a set if Swirl mixing bowls.

The large measuring bowl and range Salt & Pepper shakers. Those are Restaurant ware salad plates in the background. I got rid of the Jane Ray pattern I had been collecting and decided to only collect the Restaurant ware. I like the feel of it. It's heavier and has more substance to it compared to the more delicate Jane Ray pattern. The little pumpkin salt-n-pepper shakers are from the Dollar Tree.

This is one of two Art Deco vases I have left.

My Bon Bon bowl on the right and my vary rare find, a Jadite meat grinder.

Remember these? They were from my Thrifty finds. The plate was $0.50 and the Tuscan compote was $1.99. I threw them in for a pop of color.


This weekend I will be decorating my hutch for Christmas. I guess that makes me a bored housewife huh??

Happy Thanksgiving!



Kim said...

Your jadite is so lovely. I really like the swirly bowls, the cabinet you have them in is such a nice contrast for your collection.

Betty said...

That is a lovely collection you have there! A few months ago I found a huge set (~25 pieces) of Jane Ray and restaurant ware at Goodwill for about $25.00 and was floored. For my whole life my mother has collected green depression glassware but this was the first Jadeite we've ever owned. I especially like your grill plates, measuring bowl, and vase but the vase is definitely my favorite.

Thanks for the comment on my blog about the mixer. I posted a response.

Jenny said...

Wow, what a great collection. I love your hutch. The jadeite looks gorgeous against that dark wood!