Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday Centus #26 ~Vertically Challenged

I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. This week she has thrown a wrench in the works by limiting the amount of words you can use to just 50. The prompt does not count for your 50 words AND it must be left intact in the body of your story. No illustrations are permitted and the story can be fact or fiction.

This week's prompt is in bold:  "Abraham Lincoln was a lot shorter than I thought he would be"

If you haven't already done this, stop by Jenny Matlock's blog and check out some funny stories here:

This was NOT as easy as I thought it would be.~Ames


Vertically Challenged

“You went out with a guy who looks like Abraham Lincoln? Regina questioned

“Yes well, Abraham Lincoln was a lot shorter than I thought he would be. He was more like a Danny Devito.” Ellen pouted.

“You’re only 5 foot tall Ellen, size is not everything”. Regina pointed out. “At least you’d still have someone to look up to.” (hee hee)


Judie said...

Poor Ellen! That'll teach her not to accept blind dates! Ops! She said he was short, not blind. My mistake!

Jenny said...

You are adorable, Ames.

Clever, fun and different use of the prompt. I just sat here and read them all...marvelling over how uniquely we all crafted our stories.

What a fun wrap up for my days reading.

Thank you!

Viki said...

LOL, loved this one. I'm enjoying everyone's take on Abe, ha.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

This is cute. I love it, Ames. It reminds me of a date I had with a guy about 5'2." We were set up by a mutual friend. The date complained after ward to our friend that I'm short.

My name is PJ. said...

"Like Danny Devito" - poor Danny! Poor Ellen!! MWAHAHA!

Tracy said...

I am really enjoying this weeks offerings I whimped out and complained lol

Kat said...

Funny, funny take on the prompt. It's amazing what can be done with 50 words! Kat

Cheryl said...

For some reason, I'm singing that Randy Newman song a lot these days! Great take on the prompt Ames.

cj Schlottman said...

Great take! Poor everybody.......nobody wins. Just reinforces my bias against blind dates!


Kim said...

You are very creative indeed!

CCC said...

So much story in so few words, I think that's what really good writers do. These challenges are really good at honing that skill. You're making me think, I think I should try them (just in need of a little more time or energy, or both). But you are doing really well.

Tgoette said...

I love how well you captured such a humorous exchange in so few well chosen words! Great job, Ames! I'll never think of Lincoln quite the same way again! LOL!

Sue said...

NIcely done!


Anna said...

Clever use of the prompt. Seamless!
Good choice of words for this excahnge. 50 words that go a long way.
Best wishes,
Anna's SC-Shake-up-post Week 26